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Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Remodel to sell expert, Commercial Real Estate, Landlord

Languages: English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu

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"Hamid is the definition of determination. He is a selfless individual who works solely in the best interest of his clients. His expertise and knowledge go a long way. During my housing search I found myself constantly relying on Hamid's advice and guidance to make the best decision for my family. Hamid is able to put himself into his client's shoes because he knows the market so well. Hamid makes the process very easy, he protects you from the difficulty of dealing with a seller. He is great at reading people and situations. The seller's agent was constantly trying to trick us into giving more money but Hamid knew well how to outsmart the agent and do so in a professional manner. I have learned a tremendous amount from Hamid regarding Real Estate and Financing a home, and will continue to work with him when the time comes to purchase my next home." - Adriana

"Hamid helped me with mortgage refinancing twice and I got best rates no one else could even come close to! Hamid is a seasoned professional, easily reachable, friendly and very humble. Both the times I did not have to pay anything for refinancing! Very satisfied. Thank you, Hamid! I highly recommend Hamid if you are looking to finance/re-finance home mortgage" - Parasad

" have worked with Mr Khan regarding a loan application. I was buying a new construction and the bank that I was previously working with at the time, told me less than a month before closing that they won't approve the loan, I was then referred to Mr Khan and his team swiftly took over the loan process and without any waste of time quickly approved me a loan that was even better than the loan I was supposed to get from the bank. He is one of the most professional and experienced people I know in this industry and without a doubt someone I can rely on getting the job done! Very highly recommended!" - Erfan

"I am an immigration attorney with a practice in California and Washington D.C. I have met, engaged with and corresponded with many real estate professionals throughout my life and career. There is no person such as Hamid. He is a master and legend in his field. I hired Hamid several years ago when I was in law school. At the time, the market was hit very hard and prices were very low. I consulted with Hamid about the prospects for buying. At the time, I was working full-time and was taking evening classes. My finances were weak, my credit was poor but I did have good steady income. He analyzed my situation and advised me to make a purchase in the 230K to 250K range. He helped me in every aspect of my purchase. He helped me find the perfect home. He advised me on consolidating my preexisting debt and gave me pointers that dramatically improved my credit score. Hamid worked the situation such that I got the best deal possible for my home. I got the best rate of anyone I know on my mortgage - essentially I am where I am because of his services. I now am a solid home owner with a 4 bed 3 bath house with a swimming pool in sunny California. Recent comps suggest I have at lease $ 300,000 of equity in my home. All this is due to the extraordinary ability of Hamid. There is nobody around close to his knowledge, skill and ability." - Silmi

"This wonderful man took a very stressful situation for me and turned it into a walk in the park! He has it all! The knowledge, the contacts, the know-how, the proactive approach. First and foremost he responds! Kept me up to date of all happenings every step of the way! He advised me to do a few upgrades before selling my house, upgrades which boosted my sale price far above my expectation. He even corresponded with the contractor doing the upgrades, making sure we were all on the same page and that no time was being wasted. He made me feel like I was his only client (which obviously I wasn't) and dedicated his time and effort to ensuring the sale of my house went smoothly. I absolutely know that if I had gone with any other agent I would not have gotten the peace of mind nor the almost 100k above asking price that Hamid got me! My house sold after only ONE open house! He is in your corner, fighting for you 100% every step of the way. Not only is he an excellent agent but a wonderful man! I would recommend him HIGHLY to anyone considering a sale or purchase. Look no further, Hamid is THE MAN!! " -Fiona


About Hamid

As an executive consultant and skilled negotiator, Hamid draws on more than 15 years’ consultative sales, client management, and multimillion-dollar deal negotiation expertise to drive customer success. To do so, he has adopted a customer-centric approach focused on prioritizing client needs and pitching need-based, tailor-fit business solutions. Throughout his career, he has utilized this approach to drive customer satisfaction to the fullest by coming up with creative and outside-the-box solutions while negotiating complex deals. He liaises with all customer stakeholders by establishing an effective communication channel and achieving a win-win situation for everyone.

Another ingredient for his success is that he leverages strong business, financial, and market knowledge to gain a competitive advantage. Drawing on his business management expertise, he has juggled multiple businesses simultaneously. Another reason for Hamid’s success is that he builds and fosters strong customer relationships by providing continuous support throughout the sales cycle. He develops a strong understanding of his clients' requirements and creates a unique value proposition aligned with their business strategies.

If you are interested in working with someone who can articulate the business value offering using a consultative selling style and build rapport as a trusted client advisor, contact Hamid.

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