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Client Testimonials

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"I met Kam Moshari in 2013 in Walnut Creek while looking at a new townhome development. We got to talking about what I was looking for, he has a very friendly and caring manner and we had a nice conversation; I accepted his card and we went on with the day. A couple weeks after, I received a call from Kam, letting me know there was a condo in a high end development, it was exactly what I was looking for; we wrote up an offer and it was accepted, simple; that was in 2013. Over the years Kam continued to stay in contact with me; checking in periodically. It wasn’t long after I started looking in 2016 for my next home, Kam found a place that he thought suited me perfectly. He was right, the moment I stepped foot in I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. It takes time looking at houses, and time is precious. It really helped that Kam took the time to get to know me, my taste, how I live and what I like; he was able to narrow down the choices. A realtor needs to know their client, otherwise it is a waste of time; Kam, well he hit another bullseye. I sold my Walnut Creek home in 2016 and found another home in Emeryville. Making that transition from selling to buying can go wrong if you have the wrong realtor at the helm. If it wasn’t for Kam, I wouldn’t have been fortunate enough to have my current home. Buying in the Bay Area can be tough, time consuming, and, at times, a discouraging proposition. Thanks to Kam, that wasn’t my experience. Kam’s knowledge and savvy helped me get the place that I now call home. He had a great strategy, it paid off, he knew the area, he studied it more. He did a lot of research on the sellers, he even arranged for me to meet a neighbor, and he came up with a strategy that had my offer on the top even before the first open house. In fact, by the time the first open house happened there was already a pending offer, and that offer was mine! Before meeting Kam I have owned, bought and sold several homes in San Francisco over the span of 20 years. During that time I have worked with more than a few realtors, Kam is MY realtor. He is the absolute top in his field, he knows his clients, he’s smart, and has a wealth of experience in all types of real estate transactions. I’ve transacted enough real estate to know that when it looks easy, it isn’t. It takes experience to make it look easy. In a field full of neophytes and those who don’t possess the smarts to work a deal, a competitive drive, and the emotional intelligence to bring it all together, I found a realtor who stands out at the top... thank you Kam Moshari." - Tony

"Kam was a great help with the buying of our wonderful home. He is just amazing, highly motivated professional, and knowledgeable. He listened and really took the time to understand our needs and the type of home we were looking to purchase. Kam responded promptly to any questions we had and always kept us updated. He also helped us to sale the house in Oakland. He was honest and genuine about suggesting the sale price to investor. I highly recommend Kam for home buying and selling. He is very easy to work with, he did not pressure us and share his expertise with us. I can assure you that you will not regret your decision with Kam Moshari."

"Sold a Townhouse home in 2018 in Dublin, CA. Kam is an excellent individual, prompt, proactive, polite and highly professional. We as a family have confidence in Kam and he has taken care of a number of transactions for us. Highly recommended"

"What can I say about Kam that has not been said in the wonderful reviews posted here. As first time home buyers, we needed a little more hand holding than more experienced buyers. Kam was able to offer very objective advice, show us properties that were within our budget and that met our needs. He's extremely knowledgeable about the Bay Area market, very generous with his time explaining the finer details of everything from financing to build quality, to negotiation tactics, and even landscaping. Another thing I have to call out; Kam is extremely pleasant to be around and will put you at ease, even in your most stressful situations. He's really honest and approachable and always speaks with your best interest at mind. Kam went way above and beyond the duty by helping us coordinate so many aspects of not only the purchase, but our eventual move in. Go with Kam, you won't be disappointed!"

"Kam is a great agent! He is highly versed in the real estate market across the Bay Area, including market trends and valuations, and has a great sense of the pulse of the market. Kam is extremely responsive, thorough, and patient. His experience and advice has been invaluable from submitting competitive offers, pricing our house to sell at its maximum, and helping us through every step of the process. We highly recommend Kam."

About Kam

Kam is a Realtor® who is dedicated to putting his clients’ needs first. He has been in real estate for more than 19 years and truly loves working with buyers and sellers. Kam is without a doubt one of the hardest working real estate professionals in the business. His primary goal is his clients’ satisfaction, and the long list of satisfied buyers and sellers tell a consistent story of a seasoned real estate professional that is passionate, a true business partner and committed to his clients. Kam believes in updating his approach as his clients’ needs change, so he continuously attends real estate seminars and receives coaching to keep his clients updated on a minute to minute basis as opportunities arise.

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