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"Kingston is incredibly approachable. I'm a first time homebuyer and at no point in the process did I feel like I didn't know what to expect. Kingston did a great job in explaining everything to us ahead of time, and took time to answer all of our questions. He's a hardworking and trustworthy real estate agent and I would recommend him to anyone." - Nathan

"If you're looking for a realtor to help you find a home in the Bay Area, Kingston is your guy. My husband and I started our search in San Francisco in the fall of 2017, and being first time home buyers, we had no idea what we were doing. We were so lucky to have Kingston answer all of our questions, and work with us through purchasing our home. During our time with Kingston, I never felt pressured into buying a home, or having to bid for a place that was actually out of our price range. Kingston really listened to our needs, and worked with us in finding that perfect home. However, the best thing about Kingston is that he doesn't stop working for you once you have purchased your home. We still had a ton of questions during the closing process, and he patiently answered all of them. Kingston still checks in on how my family and I are doing in our home, and answers random questions I have about the current market. By working with Kingston, you're working with a realtor who has your best interests at heart, and wants what is best for you!" - Grace

"Kingston is the realtor I would recommend first to everyone looking in the Bay Area. I had some reservations about how fast decisions needed to be made but Kingston helped ease my fears and gave a lot of clarity on what's been going on with real estate and offer making, keeping the overwhelming nature of it all under wraps. I was working with a previous realtor, but I went with Kingston since he was able to be more hands on with what I was looking for and knew the area much better than my previous realtor. Also Kingston was able to assure me that the closing period was going to be short, which would make the offer we gave stronger. And because we were able to have that quick closing ability, we were able to close on a place within a couple weeks on the very last working day of the year, which is exactly what the sellers wanted. I would easily reccomend Kingston as a realtor to anyone, because he takes each case carefully and personally, and is willing to take the time to explain his process, giving full transparency so that I could focus on looking for a place that fit my preferences." - Alfred

"I cannot say enough about Kingston! Purchasing a home is HUGE, LIFE-CHANGING decision. You want this process to be as seamless as possible, and in order to do this, you really need a real estate agent that you can TRUST. As a first time home buyer, this process is a roller coaster of emotions, but Kingston kept us on the straight and narrow path to get the job done! INTEGRITY. As a real estate agent, Kingston was swift, responsive, and looked out for our best interests. More importantly, he was genuine, honest, and trustworthy in his approach. He gave his personal opinions on the structural foundations of the homes and realistic ways that we could improve our home. He was considerate of our family's circumstances, work commute, and way of life. COMMITMENT. Kingston was absolutely committed to getting us the house of our dreams. He went out of his way to help us out and he literally worked on closing our deal WHILE HE WAS ON VACATION! I still can't believe that he left his family at Disneyland in order to access Wi-Fi on our behalf to sign paperwork. That is commitment! He was always available for advice, questions, and to explain the stacks of paperwork that flooded in during the process. NEVER did he seem pushy or manipulative, which was our greatest concern about other real estate agents. GENERATED THE BEST OFFER. We did have to go through a bidding war for our home. Despite our emotional fatigue, Kingston remained level-headed and composed as he coached us through the waiting game. The seller accepted our offer despite it NOT being the highest bid. Kingston and his connection with Amerifirst Financial were able to help us create an attractive, competitive offer. Winning without the highest bid is incredibly rare, so I ABSOLUTELY encourage you and recommend you to consider Kingston and his team! I am so happy that Kingston was our agent. A buddy that we could trust, who cared about us as people, worked hard to make it happen, and gave us the very best opportunity to win. And now we have the home of our dreams! Thank you, Kingston!" - Andy


About Kingston

Being a San Francisco native, Kingston is proud of and loves the city he has always called home. Kingston has spent all of his adulthood serving San Francisco. Whether working with the urban poor or the youth and their families as a public school teacher or as a mentor, he has been able to meet people's needs to help them succeed.

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