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It’s always the weather that gets everyone in the end. And when you couple California’s amazing weather with a lush and thriving valley at the southern tip of the San Francisco Bay, it’s no wonder that Laura DeFilippo has found her home in Silicon Valley Real Estate.

Born and raised in upstate New York, Laura is no stranger to cold winters. After more than 20 years as an accomplished and respected personal injury, worker’s compensation, and real estate lawyer, Laura found herself with the perfect opportunity to make her dream move to Silicon Valley to be close to her sister and bid farewell to icy winters for the California sun.

Laura hit the ground running in real estate in the hottest market in the country with a spot at one of Silicon Valley’s premiere brokerages, and she’s never looked back. Since 2013 she has garnered a reputation in the competitive and fast-paced Silicon Valley marketplace as a high-end, luxury real estate expert. In such a short period of time Laura has transacted deals in almost every city and neighborhood in Silicon Valley as well as transactions in several surrounding counties. Her long list of raving client testimonials is evidence of her work ethic. For most agents, such a list would’ve required at least a decade in the business to accumulate.

She’s a self-styled workaholic who is always available for her clients. When they’re in need of assistance Laura is ready with the knowledge, experience, and insight to address any issue that may arise.

With more than 20 years of experience advocating for her clients and dealing with contracts Laura brings a skillset to the real estate table that many agents (and service professionals in general) are lacking; strategy and negotiations. An integral part of being a lawyer involves adapting to almost any situation, personality, or dynamic. With Laura’s breadth of professional experience and interpersonal skills she excels at adapting to the needs and personalities of her clients to provide service that is personal and highly attentive. Laura is also quick to point out that she is well-equipped to handle the intricacies of land sales and deal with issues such as easements, boundary disputes, private road agreements, building permits, wells, septic systems, and more. There is no matter too complicated or beyond the scope of her extensive experience with contracts, negotiations, real estate, and the law.

Laura’s clientele is looking for a Realtor with the experience necessary to handle a diverse array of real estate issues and who knows how best to protect their interests throughout the process. This is exactly what Laura delivers. Just take a look at what many of her past clients have to say about her representation.

Like us, Laura is all about continuing education and knowledge, guidance, and empowerment. Not only does she empower her clients to continue to prosper in their future real estate transactions, but Laura’s entrepreneurial spirit was also drawn to real estate because of the freedom, empowerment, and prosperity that being your own boss and running your own business affords.

But what really throws it all over the finish line is Laura’s steadfast and unflinching attention to detail. This is what brings Laura to her client’s attention initially, and what they love so much about her. Laura has represented lawyers personally and in many of their clients’ real estate transactions. The lawyers she has worked for speak highly of Laura and recommend her to their clients, colleagues, family and friends. When a lawyer recommends a Realtor whom they’ve worked several successful transactions with, that’s saying A LOT – lawyers hold real estate agents to a very high standard. In Laura’s case, it was well deserved.

Laura also volunteers her time at Cancer CarePoint, a non-profit organization providing non-medical care to cancer patients and their families and loved ones. Her involvement primarily involves being part of the planning committee for the organization’s yearly private auction fundraiser which is the primary source of the organization’s funding.

“I love real estate because it empowers me to help people through a complicated and stressful time in their life by providing them with professional, thoughtful, and thorough service and advice. I’m passionate about what I do, and I’m proud to be a Realtor who goes above and beyond for my clients. I’m ready to show you what this means today.”

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