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Client Testimonials

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"We just bought our first home and had the pleasure of working with Lynn. As first time home buyers we had many questions around the entire process. Lynn patiently listened to and explained everything from the very first meeting and even after the purchase was finalized. We looked in different areas and she was always willing to accommodate us for property tours whether is was midday, evenings, weekends or last minute! Lynn was organized, very prompt with answering emails and phone calls and helped us stay on top of everything during the entire process (which is no easy task!). She listened when we pointed to potential issues with a place, and suggested ways around it. She always provided honest opinions about pros and cons of any property we looked at. When it came to completing our purchase, Lynn did a great job managing the process and did particularly well when it came to defending our interests as the buyer. She always kept our best interest in mind. She was great at making recommendations on partners from financing to inspectors. Lynn is someone you can count on and trust. I highly recommend Lynn. Thank you for getting us our perfect home!" - Frank

"Lynn is amazing, I worked with her two years ago prior to this and no one I would think of when I decided to list my condo. I remember texting her early of the week, met up with her mid week and she already came up with the full plan, strategy, timeline etc. She listens to my concerns and provide her expert opinions. I feel I'm in a great hand, I gave her the key and from there, the listing probably goes up in a week or so. It was so fast and smooth (on my side). She's very accommodating all buyers with the shows time schedule to maximize all potentials. I can see how much she cares, she's very passionate on getting you the best offer possible. The result is beyond my expectation, yet the buyer is happy. Everyone wins. Highly recommended." - Khwan

"Lynn is an amazing agent. We have bought and sold multiple properties with her so been through all stages of home ownership. Let us walk through the process so you see the value. Lynn firstly, really puts effort into understanding your needs when buying and will share a highly personalized and curated list, instead of trying to peddle any property. If it comes to you as a recommendation, she has done her homework. Next, Lynn is incredibly patient and will not pressure you to buy or sell. She is willing to work with you on your timeframe. I can't emphasize how important this is. Lynn is extremely responsive and helpful, through out the buying or selling process and even beyond that. She has gone above and beyond to help us with questions. At this point we're friends, and if you want an agent who is truly working in your best interest, Lynn is it." - Haris

"This was the 3rd property we bought in the Bay area and Lynn was the 3rd agent we worked with over the years. While the first two agents were OK, the experience with Lynn was definitely a notch above. It took us well over a year to find a house that we really liked and Lynn patiently guided us through the process of figuring out what location / size / layout worked best for us and our two little kids. The house we ended up buying required significant renovations (and we knew literally nothing about permits, contractors, etc going into it) and Lynn was able to find people in her network who provided the information we needed. She was also very helpful during the negotiation phase of the process. We ended up coming in a bit under our budget, actually. Overall, Lynn was very proactive throughout the entire process and it felt like she was a partner in this purchase (vs just an agent looking to quickly close a transaction and move on, which was the case with the first two people we had worked with). It was a great experience and it looks like we finally found an agent who we can work with in the future as well." - Alex

"Me and my husband are first time homebuyers so we didn't know what to expect through this whole process. We were lucky enough to have Lynn referred to us because she is the REAL DEAL when it comes to all things real estate. I have to put a big emphasis on the "first time homebuying experience". A whole bunch of information will be thrown your way and if you're not ready for it, it can definitely be overwhelming. That's where Lynn comes in. Lynn's expertise in real estate, along with her attentiveness, patience, logic and so much more was something we needed to help us traverse through the home buying process. Lynn was there from the very beginning; first getting to know who we are, our wants (because let's be honest: there are so many things you want in a home that you could be pulled in so many directions), our budget, etc. And she was there when we put our offer in, giving us advice on best ways to approach it, strategizing on how we could stand out from the rest of the "pack" (no pun intended). Lynn continued to stay by our side all the way through escrow and I'm sure she'll continue to check in with us to see how we're doing in our new home. I will definitely be referring her to everyone I know that's in the market because Lynn will give MORE than 100% to make sure you get what you want in a home. Thank you, Lynn, for EVERYTHING you've done for us!" - David

About Lynn

Going the extra mile is the bedrock of Lynn’s work ethic. Thoroughly knowledgeable, analytical, responsive, and supportive, with an extensive grasp of San Francisco neighborhoods, Lynn has a reputation for excellent service, time and again. Not just that, but from the first contact to beyond the transaction. One of her many happy clients' states, "she’s a partner who continues to support you".

Thanks to her deep knowledge of San Francisco’s neighborhoods and micro-niches, as well as a wealth of insight into the intricacies and the larger context of the Bay Area real estate market, Lynn is able to put her clients at ease, knowing that they have a seasoned and savvy professional on their side. In her first year as a realtor, she was awarded Rookie of the Year. As an experienced investor, she always involves the local community and understands exactly how to look for a good investment property. She holds a Master of Business Administration from Babson College and is also a skilled negotiator who knows when patience is key and when to pull the pin on a deal.

Having spent many years in property development, Lynn provides an extraordinary level of real estate acumen to her clients. From building her own real estate company and leading multi-million-dollar condo projects to working in tech start-ups as a business analyst, to founding and operating an e-commerce company, taking charge of the situation, developing and executing a sound strategy, then following through beyond the sales cycle, Lynn has developed her signature effectiveness and accountability as hallmarks. These characteristics establish her to be clearly head and shoulders above the rest.

When she’s not living and breathing Bay Area real estate, she’s out with her husband, a native San Franciscan, and their two young children, exploring every nook and cranny of the city, from restaurants, bakeries, museums, and shops to libraries, playgrounds, and the zoo, everything wonderful that San Francisco has to offer as well as a few things in between.

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