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About Melissa

Melissa is a real estate professional who has navigated San Francisco’s challenging market as a buyer and seller for over 10 years. Her personal portfolio includes condominiums and multi-unit buildings in the Northern part of the City. From smaller projects to knocking down walls, she has firsthand experience of the construction process and how it can add significant value to a property. Originally from England, her knowledge of moving internationally makes her a great asset to Compass. Having lived in both London and the South of France, Melissa offers a variety of resources for those wishing to relocate.

Melissa holds a degree in Psychology and a Masters in History and Ethnic Identity. She began her career as a qualitative researcher before moving to San Francisco where she spent 5 years with Twitter as a Content Policy Manager. Melissa lives in the City with her family.


“Melissa is truly a pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail is unparalleled – especially when considering the pressures of her work. Her ability to manage clients’ work with a warm, friendly and gregarious presence is something I, and I’m sure others, have greatly admired.”

"Mel always went above and beyond. She was consistent, reassuring and accommodating every step of the way. Mel is a joy to be around and you won’t regret working with her!"