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Pearl first visited San Francisco from Southern California on her first half marathon. She will never forget the dynamic and beautiful scenery, the architecture, the ocean, and the diversity of people she met on this trip, which began her love affair with the city. Not long after, Pearl decided to move to San Francisco and bought her first home. This experience taught her how overwhelming the process can be, and she knew that she wanted to help other people make informed and savvy decisions about buying and selling homes. She will help you make wise choices quickly and manage the complexities of a major life decision.

Pearl's previous professional experience has prepared her to approach high-stress situations with patience and calm. Her eye for art and design also helps her understand that there is more to a home than just square footage or location. She knows that a simple design or staging change can drastically change a home’s appeal and therefore its value, and she looks forward to sharing that knowledge. She stays constantly on top of the market and design trends, so she can provide you with the most relevant information.

Whether you are hoping to buy your first home, trade up to something larger with room for pets, build wealth through real estate investment, or anything else, Pearl is determined to help her clients rise to the challenge of the process and make the best decision possible. Her love for this wonderful city, and the detailed knowledge that comes with it, as well as her experience and understanding of the complex processes of real estate, make her well prepared to be your guide.

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