About Raymond

Compass is proud to be associated with Raymond Miller as a broker associate. An integral part of Compass Realtors' dedication to excellence is the collaboration of high caliber, capable professionals. Raymond certainly fits that profile. He brings to Compass a background in design, building and real estate development, with a degree in architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He moved to Los Altos from Syracuse, New York in 1977, where he was designing educational and commercial buildings. He has extensive experience in resolving the critical issues associated with his clients' development, renovation and restoration projects. Raymond obtained his real estate license in 1982 and is a full-time broker, with the great majority of his clients coming from his network of referral business, repeat clients and new client referrals. Raymond conducts his business through the latest in technology. His orientation creates a working environment where all parties to a transaction are kept informed in real time. Being a knowledge broker, he minimizes the time and stress inherent in a transaction by making informed decisions that rely on complete knowledge of the transaction process and by being an excellent service counselor, negotiator and process manager. He joins a group of distinguished real estate professionals who are all part of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced marketing firm. Compass is dedicated to excellence and our association with Ray is a bright example.

Raymond Miller’s Recent Transactions