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About Shelley

I was raised in the Bay Area, and raised my children here as well. I fell into real estate quite naturally, coming from a family of developers. My father was one of 4 partners who developed the retirement community, Rossmoor, in the East Bay. He went on to build 12 other similar projects, and I got my first training in real estate from him.

I have worked in the Real Estate business for 24 years. I found my own niche working with builders, developers, and investors. The largest sum of money I had to work with was $9,000,000. I needed to find real estate within 3 months to invest this sum, and did successfully.

My clients are very important to me. They are my lifeblood. They put the bread and butter on the table for me. I have always built my business around high quality service and integrity, not high number of volume sold. I give my clients 150% of my energy, so that they can be successful.

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