About Silvana

“This business is not about Real Estate, it is about people”. I had a teacher that once said, and it resonated. Coming from the fitness world, I owned a couple of fitness centers in Argentina. I find a lot of similarities with RE. I always tried to educate my clients that is not about how many pounds you are or you want to lose but your goals and dreams in the long term. I will get super involved in the process of reaching those goals because I am passionate about seeing people get results and how proud and excited they feel when they accomplished them. This is why after moving here from Argentina 10 years ago and getting married, having my 2 kids, that are my number one support for whatever I do, it was time to reinvent myself and go back to what I love the most: work with people. Help them to find that place that they call home. Create a team with my clients. I truly believe that strong relationships are the foundation of everything. Compass is a great place to belong and work, it is giving me the opportunity to know new people, know what are they looking for, know their dreams and expectations, what are their vision when they see a house for the first time but most of all is giving me the chance make all those dreams an extraordinary reality.