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Recognized for assisting her clients with passion and dedication as they search for and find their perfect home is Stephanie’s specialty. Stephanie has experience in many neighborhoods, especially Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, Orinda, Lafayette and the surrounding areas. Stephanie is also highly experienced with luxury rentals and can assist you with temporary or long term leasing. Previously a Loan Officer with American City Financial, she can assist buyers and sellers easily throughout the escrow process, and is also a licensed Notary/Loan Signing agent.

Stephanie is hard-working, diligent and determined to represent her clients to the best of her abilities, all while displaying her honest and forthright sensibility. "I hold true to my honesty, integrity and knowledge of service to my clients. Helping them achieve their goals."

When not helping a real estate client, Stephanie enjoys volunteering at a nonprofit called Nelly's Gift, named after her special needs daughter to help youth with sport fees, tutoring, mentoring and housing services. Stephanie also voluntarily holds workshops to help people achieve their dreams of home ownership, providing information and guidance to navigate the entire home buying process. One more passion; cooking... "As far as food, I love cooking for my kids so I'm always looking for new recipes... they love when I cook as well!"

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