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"I interviewed more than one agent before selecting a partner in selling my mother’s home. It was clear to me from the onset that you both took the assignment very seriously and oversaw the marketing process from prep to closing flawlessly. Managing the probate challenges, along with multiple selling parties and attorneys didn’t appear to affect your marketing process or results in any way which made the transaction relatively stress free from my perspective. To anyone considering your services, I would highly recommend you both and look forward to our next opportunity to work together. " - Mark C

" As you know, we interviewed more than one real estate agent before settling on who we wanted to work with in selling my father's home following his passing. It was very apparent to everyone attending the initial listing presentation that you had already done your homework and thought through the various issues that were likely to impact the marketing of the property. Through anticipating the perspective buyer's concerns, we believe that you were able to effectively manage their expectations and provide them with the resources to make an informed purchase decision. Ultimately, you generated several offers that we were very pleased with. As the trustee acting on behalf of my siblings in settling my father's estate, not only were you a pleasure to work with, but you also provided me with the confidence that I was handling the sale as responsibly as possible. Thanks again and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the future." - Tracy and Rusty C

"As you know, my needs were very specific: downtown Los Altos, newer building, ground floor, corner unit and preferably 100 First Street. This criteria limited our search to a universe of perhaps a dozen condominiums. You delivered an off market alternative that met all of my criteria and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. You were organized, creative and a pleasure to work with. To anyone considering your services, I would highly recommend you." - Don C

"Selling my family’s childhood home was a big decision and your insight and professionalism were instrumental in providing me with the perspective and confidence in which to make an informed decision. Beginning with your guidance in defining the scope of the pre-sale renovation and coupled with your access to good contractors and material suppliers, I believe that we maximized the renovation given our budget. Most importantly, I have no doubt that the increase in value added to the property by the renovation greatly exceeded its cost." - Jim R

" I want to thank you again for all of your hard work in helping me sell my home in Los Altos Hills. I always felt that you had my best interest at heart, was impressed with your attention to detail and was very happy with the final results." - Genie D

" We hope that life is treating you well and wanted to reach out to you with our thanks for your efforts in selling our home and helping us buy a new one. We have settled in and couldn't be happier with our move. While both transactions had their own special challenges, we always felt that you had our best interest at heart and worked diligently to make certain that we were protected. We look forward to working with you in the future and would be very comfortable referring to friends and family." - Kelly and Julian T

" Now that we have completed the sale of my parents' home, I wanted to thank you both for your help and hard work in bringing it to a successful conclusion. It's probably uncommon that you meet a family these days that has inhabited a home for over half a century. It was my parents' home but also the place I readily came back to for visits with them and where my children got to enjoy their company. I struggled with the decision to sell the property, both from a business/investment standpoint and because of my attachment to the property. You both showed a perfect mix of sensitivity and pragmatism for getting the house prepped and on the market. Your knowledge of the area and ability to articulate a cohesive marketing strategy helped give me the confidence to move forward with the sale, particularly given the fact that I do not live in California. Once we were under way, I felt that you managed the process and the many details that a novice could easily mess up. You met my expectations of how the house would be marketed, presented (direct contact with either you or Suzanne at all times) and how the sale process would be managed. I was very pleased with the outcome. I would gladly use your services again and would readily recommend you to anyone looking for a realtor. Please feel free to share my comments with others as an endorsement of your excellent services." - Annelise K

" Your professional expertise and advice over the last three months were much appreciated. I am especially grateful that you helped me to face problems one at a time, and kept me from being totally overwhelmed. Thank you for assisting me in selling my home." - Mary Ann B

" Now that we've wrapped up the sale of our residence in Los Altos Hills, as well as the purchase of our new home in Los Altos, we want to let you know how pleased we are with both outcomes, as well as how the transactions were managed along the way. With regard to the sale of our residence, we feel that you are both highly creative people and go to great lengths to develop a marketing plan that captures the personality of a home. Also, your mindful approach to the development of superior marketing collateral, coupled with your broad-based marketing approach through social media gave us great confidence that our home was being exposed to a large audience in a compelling manner. When it came time to find us a new home, we gave you a very specific set of criteria and you delivered with an off-market opportunity that fulfilled everything on our wish list. Furthermore, the transaction couldn't have gone smoother and we couldn't be more pleased. Once again, we want to that you for your hard work and look forward to a long-lasting relationship" - Brian and Jenny K

About Suzanne

As an executive with Nordstrom for 16 years and having managed nearly 500 employees as a store manager in San Francisco and San Mateo, Suzanne’s background in leadership, problem solving & customer service provides for a unique skill set in addressing the challenges often faced during a modern real estate transaction. Being an excellent listener, Suzanne makes every effort to meet her client’s needs, while striving to exceed their expectations. Suzanne also authors a fashion and lifestyle blog at AskSuzanneBell.com.

Suzanne works in partnership with her husband, Rick Bell, out of the Compass office in Los Altos, where they work with buyers and sellers in managing their real estate needs. Since 2010, Suzanne and Rick have also purchased approximately 40 properties for the purpose of renovation and resale, which gives Rick and Suzanne a unique perspective and value add when working with clients in optomising the value of their homes before going to market.

Suzanne and Rick’s marketing platform hinges largely upon the use of social media marketing through Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Through the development of superior marketing collateral, like promotional videos, Suzanne and Rick are able to promote their client’s properties in a very appealing manner, while reaching many more prospective buyers than would be possible through the use of only traditional marketing tools. The analytics of each social media channel are monitored, and adjustments are made on a daily basis to optimize the message and outreach.

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