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Tim is an accomplished aviator and an enthusiastic Realtor. After high school, Tim pursued his aviation dreams, and obtained his Private Pilot License. Tim's dreams took him to the prestigious Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ where he graduated at the top of his class. For the past seven years, Tim has had the privilege of flying the rich and famous to six of the seven continents of the world. Tim now manages a multi-million dollar private jet in the Bay Area and is bringing the attributes that made him an exceptional aviator to the Massey Allen Group.

What makes Tim a highly sought after Captain? He understands customer service at the luxury level. Preparation, attention to detail, communication, adaptability, and problem solving skills give high-level executives the confidence that Tim will get them to even the most challenging destinations smoothly and safely.

Most pilots are satisfied with just being pilots, but not Tim. Tim’s interest in business, ambition to learn, and persistence are why he is entrusted in with managing a multi-million dollar private jet. Tim is responsible for ensuring that the Owner of the aircraft ultimately has a pleasurable experience in private jet ownership. This means that Tim has to ensure the aircraft is not only airworthy and constantly in immaculate condition, but is also responsible for overseeing the budget for the aircraft. Despite his level of responsibility, Tim has free time and a passion for Real Estate and helping people achieve their goals.

What does a background in aviation and managing private jets have to do with Real Estate? More similarities than one would think. As a Realtor you are constantly improving your “craft,” much like a pilot does. A pilot continually improves his or her knowledge of aircraft systems, weather, FAA regulations, airspace, air traffic control, and so on. As a Realtor is engaged in a life-long process of continually improving his or her knowledge of marketing techniques, market knowledge, housing regulations, material improvements, and so on. A pilot’s primary responsibility is to transport his or her client from point A to point B as comfortably and efficiently as possible, while being prepared to handle any unexpected circumstances. A Realtor has the responsibility of getting clients from point A to point B in a real estate transaction, while being prepared to handle any unexpected circumstances. Who do you want “at the controls” of your next real estate transaction?

As a Realtor, managing an individual real estate transaction is very similar to being the Captain of a specific flight. Tim has created and implemented checklists and systems that every pilot is accustomed to at the Massey Allen Group. There are a lot of similarities to the role of Captain on a flight and Realtor during a real estate transaction. Which crew do you want in the cockpit of the most expensive transaction of your life? The Massey Allen Group.

Every pilot understands the importance systems and checklists. Systems improve efficiency, accountability, and reliability. Implementing checklists ensures the systems perform their designed function. Great aviators constantly look to improve systems through their vast experience. Tim has implemented systems and checklists at the Massey Allen Group to ensure we are providing the best Real Estate experience for every client.

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