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Edwin L. Cox School Of Business - Bachelor Of Business Administration
About Shane
Ralph Lauren is quoted as saying, “I know I have a signature. I know there’s a New England sensibility. I know there’s a cowboy sensibility. They are all mixed. But they all come from non-fashion. They all have an origin of being natural, timeless, real-comfortable sensibilities.”

His and so many others’ clothing inspires us to be the persona we see fit for a particular attire just as much as our inherent being moves us to dress the part. Cowboys wear boots and hats. We channel Cary Grant to become the quintessential gentleman in a perfectly tailored tuxedo.

Shane McCarty of Compass RE would argue real estate is similar. It’s a representation of our true, timeless, comfortable selves. From the location, we purchase downtown, midtown, suburbs or the county. To the style, we choose the clean-lined minimalist apartment, the twentieth-century bungalow, the columned traditional family home, or an equestrian estate. These lifestyle choices show the world, or at least our community a lot about us and may even help define our priorities. They are the backdrop to our lives and in many ways mold our experiences.

This is how Shane relates to properties around the city, country and even the world. They appeal to his senses and ignite his imaginations and desires.

Shane’s job is to listen to your story and to see your vision. He translates it into bespoke marketing material to procure potential buyers for your property or utilizes his vast network of sources to present to you the perfect place for your sensibilities to ignite.

Prior to establishing himself as a rising star in Nashville’s competitive real estate market, Shane worked in hedge fund finance assisting high net-worth individuals and pension funds preserve and growing wealth where he embraced its challenges, the continually expanding knowledge it required, the stress-induced energy it would pulsate that would have kept pace with the dance floor at Studio 54 in its heyday.

Real estate has always been Shane’s overriding passion.

He feels he was destined to be intertwined with it. The son of a corporate farmer in California’s Central Valley, he grew up driving through orchards and vineyards for fun. Besides being the place where he learned to drive and earn his first paycheck, the land and his childhood in an agricultural family taught him the fundamentals of farming which manifest in his everyday life as planning, execution, review, and growth. It’s that land and watching his father cultivate it where his enthusiasm for business and his passions for real estate were born. Real estate agency provides him a venue for application of both.

Markets are dynamic. The laws of supply/demand affect prices. Shane’s proficiency in analyzing peripheral influences including debt/equity performances, interest rates, commodity movements, and government economic data emboldens his client’s negotiation position in each transaction. The decade spent on trading desks of two $3+ billion dollar hedge funds provides experiential practice in diplomatically achieving each transaction’s desired result.

You’re in good hands with Shane.

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