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• Ranked in the top 1.5% of agents in the United States in 2021
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"We are extremely lucky to have Stella as our agent. Not only she has excellent local knowledge and professional experience, but most importantly she always puts customer first and protects our best interests. During our house shopping process, she was extremely patient and always provided the pros and cons genuinely. She never tried to push us to make rush decisions. After we had visited many properties together, we finally found the ideal one. During the offer submitting meeting with sellers, Stella demonstrated her excellent presentation skills and helped our offer to be chosen from multiple competitive ones. The sellers even left a letter to express how they were impressed by her presentation and that is the key factor they decided to accept our offer.

She truly treats the customers like family. Even after the property closing, she still keeps providing assistance and suggestions for our home improvement projects. She is the most wonderful agent that I have ever met. I highly recommend Stella to you!"
- Shawn & Yi, Buyer


"Stella represented my purchase in Los Altos. She's a long time resident of Los Altos, and is extremely knowledge-able of the local market, schools and going ons of the area. She is also very well connected across the broker community and can get access to behind the scenes information relating to  personalities and property histories relevant to negotiations. Most importantly, Stella is a broker interested in the long term relationship, and not on the quick sale or purchase. I strongly recommend Stella as a buying or selling agent given her market knowledge and approach to servicing her clientele." - Paul C, Buyer


"Stella had been amazing to work with. She helped us buy a house in San Jose. We worked with her for almost 4 months but Stella had been very patient and responsive with us the whole time. In this long and hard search sometimes the buyer tends to yield to pressure of the market to go out of their safe zone to buy something more costly or something less than their perfect home, especially in Bay Area market but Stella would made sure you stay on track and never push you for any property that you are not comfortable with. She is very prudent in her approach and evaluate each property more strictly than what we would have done, this saved us a couple of times where one time she found that radiation level from the wires above the property was higher than normal. She is no-nonsense person and has a great network with other agents. She will get useful and reliable information that will get you an upper hand during the bidding. She was always there for us, one phone call away, be at night or day and any new property that comes to the market, she would run to get an early view.

Even after we decided the house, she helped us a lot through the process of getting the loan and in finding good contractors, and was always there with us overseeing us to make sure we ask relevant questions. We could not have found any agent better than her who is so obsessed with the happiness of her customers. In the end, I think we found not only our dream home but also a very trustworthy friend."
- Rudhir & Priyanka, Buyer


"Stella helped us buy our first home in Mountain View, and made the process remarkably straightforward. She was able to get us in to see places well before they opened on the market, was available and communicating with us around the clock (early mornings, throughout the day, and even late in the evening) including repeat visits to houses we'd looked at, and even helped us schedule appointments with contractors, inspectors, and service providers (of our choosing… no pressure to use folks she'd worked with before).

She's very friendly and felt like part of our team quickly. She gave open and constructive feedback along the way, and has stayed in contact with us since. Never felt like she was hustling on to the next customer once we were closed. I've recommended Stella four times to close friends since, and will continue to do so."
- Mica & Carrie, Buyer


"Stella helped me through my first home purchase. She was very patient, knowledgable and not pushy at all. She took time and helped me figure out the right house for me. She also advised me against some homes she felt weren't in the right neighborhoods. She helped me find a house I loved. Even after  purchasing, she helped me get the termite and cleaning done and checked in regularly to see how I was settling in. I will definitely use Stella for any future home purchase." - Aparna, Buyer


"With Stella professional service, I bought the house quickly at a reasonable price in Cupertino. She gives smart advice about properties to you. If she thinks there are some problems with properties, she will tell you directly. She cares about you, not your money. Also, she is good at negotiation.  She tries hard to give the appropriate purchase price. After the transaction, she quotes and schedules different fix services for you. She does care for your benefits. I have bought properties several times and met several agents. Stella is so impressive which makes me give her five stars and write comments for her. Take her!" - Jing Family, Buyer


"Stella has gone above and beyond to make my home buying experience amazing! I'm a single girl and was looking to buy my first house. I went in to the process not knowing much about what it takes to buy a home or any of the paperwork/processes involved. Stella walked me through every step, and made  sure I felt comfortable with all of the decisions! She helped me find a beautiful home where I could feel safe, and she helped me get my first offer accepted (even after the seller tried to counter)! Beyond simply acting as my buyer's agent agent, she also helped me find a great broker with a great interest rate, answered any naive questions I had about the mortgage process and owning a home, and helped me deal with a difficult contractor (even though it was a different one than the one she had recommended to me). She has really taken great care of me and has supported me so much along the way! I feel very, very grateful to have found her!" - Tatiana, Buyer


"Officially joining the Stella fan club! Simply put, Stella is amazing to work with. She learned my requirements and preferences, and was very patient with me when I'm not sure of myself. She knows the business and educated me on many things. When it's time to write offers, Stella reads the  situation with her experience and makes the right moves. Also, she's a really warm and caring person. Thank you Stella for finding my home!" - Kai, Buyer


"Dear Prospective Homeowners:

It is our pleasure to recommend Stella Rosh as a real estate agent for any individual or family searching for their ideal property.

As people in this area would know, the Silicon Valley real estate market is very tight and competitive. Our family needed a  single-family home in Mountain View/Sunnyvale and were impatient to buy.

Stella has an excellent knowledge of the area and has all the important contacts with great relationships. We found her consulting skills to be exceptional. This meant that she gained a really good handle on our specific needs, likes and wants which is crucial in an agent sourcing and recommending properties. Stella's deep knowledge of the area meant that she was active and creative in her sourcing of properties that were not yet on the market through her contacts and inquiries.

This sourcing skill of hers was critical to us as she was successful in securing us a new construction property off the market in Sunnyvale. This enabled us to buy a home that had all the features we were looking for and more, which actually far exceeded our expectations of what we could purchase.

In terms of attentiveness, Stella was always quick to reach out with new opportunities and was highly responsive to us. She knows how to move fast for her clients in a competitive environment.

Above all, Stella was a pleasure to work with. She gained our trust early on and always put our needs first. She is very honest and always pointed out the disadvantages and downsides of properties which as the buyer you may not have this specialist knowledge. She will also proactively do a lot of research on the area and property for you. This saved us from a few poor purchasing decisions that we might have made.

Stella is professional and is a skilled negotiator in closing. We found her attention to detail really important, and she let nothing slip through the cracks. We are pleased to recommend Stella Rosh to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She is hands down the best in the business in our opinion, and if we ever need to move again, she will be our first choice in real estate agents."
- Andre & Rebecca, Buyer


"My wife and I (first-time home buyers) found Stella by seeing her card at an open house in Sunnyvale. We realized we had seen her at a few other open houses, and after meeting her for coffee, we chose her to represent us as our Buyer's Agent because of the depth of knowledge she had about our desired zipcodes. She was able to discuss recent listings with us because she goes to a lot of open houses on her own, which in my limited experience is unusual.

From what we've heard from our friends and acquaintances, our buying process from the start of the search to an accepted offer was pretty quick, being measured in weeks and not months. Stella's schedule was very flexible and helped ensure that we rarely missed a chance to evaluate a house and, more importantly, that we were focused on the "right" houses by giving her honest opinion when one had a fatal flaw of some kind. When preparing for a bid, she would provide insight on the seller's mindset and what might appeal to them in an offer. When we would lose a bid, she could generally tell us why we lost (or more usually why the house wasn't worth the price it went for). Ultimately, her methods got us "The One" at what we consider to be a good price.

The Bay Area housing market is not normal! Do not be wooed by saving a few (thousand) bucks with a certain discount brokerage. What Stella brings is a deep bench of contacts that can get the seller's eyes on your offer first and foremost. Her rolodex extends far beyond agents, and consequently your relationship with her will not end when you receive the keys."
- Jeremy, Buyer


"We absolutely loved that Stella was our real estate agent. Buying a house is not easy, and specially in Silicon Valley with high prices, overbidding, and a market in which an "as-is with no contingency" is the norm. With both of us working full-time, we needed someone with good judgement we could rely upon. There are so many things to consider, for example, how much should one offer in this market. Stella has a good sense about this and we really liked that we would avail her professional opinion without any pressure. At first, we were intimidated by the market. However, after bidding on a few houses, we saw that her price estimate was in fact a good number and started relying on it. We were also nervous about the as-is process since one stands to inherit a lot of the seller's problems. In particular, there was one house we really liked that showed very well. The house had a lot of interest and multiple offers. We were getting ready to fill out the paperwork, when Stella advised us to pass on it. She discovered that the recent substantial remodel was done without permits by the seller's relative. There was also a leak in the bathroom and some foundation work was pending. Taking it "as-is" would mean that we would pay based upon the glitzy marketing, but face the risk of lower quality.

Stella was also a pleasure to work with. She is very responsive and makes a good effort to follow up, even working late at night. We did end up getting a house we both love. She has also been there for us after our house purchase. We've relied on her for contractor and handyman referrals and other advice. We're renting the house until we are ready to move in, and the house is now nicely done up. Stella even referred us a good renter! We would certainly recommend Stella without hesitation."
- Rohan & Anisha, Buyer


"Strongly recommend! Stella is very responsible and reliable. She would be with us whenever we need her and it's very comfortable to spend time with her. Apart from these, Stella has the most important ability for a realtor - get the house with the lowest possible price. She can predict the price of  a house precisely, and won't let us to spend one more dollar than the lowest possible price. When we bid the house, we were not the highest, but we got the house! This was because Stella tried her best to persuade the listing agent that our package was strong. The listing agent also loves Stella and persuaded the previous owner to take our package. It's not just luck - we could never get the house without Stella. Stella also knows a lot of listing agents in the bay area which makes the bid process much easier. We trust her and working with her saves us a lot of time and efforts and money." - MP & Holly, Buyer


"We recently moved to the Bay Area from Texas and found Stella on Zillow while looking at a few houses online. She was great and helped us find, offer and attain the house we liked and could afford. Her knowledge of the home buying process and negotiation skills are impeccable. She will go out of  her way to make sure her clients get the best deal for them and also ensure that the house is what the clients will enjoy. We were glad to have Stella on our side through this process." - Sameer & Vaidehi, Buyer


"Words cannot express how much I appreciated having Stella Rosh as my realtor through the many months of our association. Her experience, wisdom, thoughtfulness and downright joy in her profession during the whole 5 month process has been humbling. She made it all so easy for me while she did all  the work.

Stella made it possible for me to move out of state 3 months before my sale. She compiled a list of Estate Agents with whom her associates were familiar. She was my point of contact for removing what was left following the Estate Sale which was held after I had left. She was “person on site” for all property inspections and, on occasion, for the Association Property Manager as well. Stella helped me find a great contractor. She was in constant contact with him during the remodeling process while advising me on decisions concerning upgrades to my property and in choices such as lighting, bathroom fixtures & tile, flooring and paint colors.

The night before our Open House weekend, Stella put together a private open house party so I could see friends who wanted to wish me well. Three days after the one and only open house weekend, we received five offers and accepted the one offer which was more than I could have imagined.

I cannot say enough good things about this fabulous lady. Stella made what was a very difficult transition for me into a very positive experience."
- Anne Mahood, Seller


"I did quite a bit of research before deciding on Stella Rosh as my Realtor. I chose her because she is honest, realistic and driven to meet all my expectations. The market is ever changing, Stella's expertise were up to date and relevant. In a hot seller's market, I debated whether staging was even necessary. Stella convinced me it was, especially because of how much people use the internet to get their first impressions of a place. She was connected with a fantastic stager and photographer. Her relationship with them resulted in a showing of my place that appealed to the maximum range of buyers with a modern style. It is easy to get caught up in a frenzy in this process and Stella's cool and collected demeanor calmed me through out. We communicated daily, if I had any questions she answered them providing the facts, pros and cons. For example, when I was deciding whether to repaint the whole unit, she showed me the numbers and was able to quantify the potential return on the work. The final decision is always left to you and she doesn't push you to go a certain way just gives you the straight data. Stella has your best interests at heart and works hard to ensure your satisfaction. I was selling my place as a single person and I don't think I could have found a better trustworthy partner. Her work ethic never faltered, I would recommend her to the fullest extent." - Rae, Seller


"Stella is very reliable, hard working and honest realtor - an absolute pleasure to work with. She was our agent for both buying and selling transactions and she did a tremendous job in both cases.

For our house sale she was driven to get us the highest price in our neighborhood for our  property - something she had assured us months before we were going to put our house on sale. She not only delivered on it but exceeded our expectations. She put in a lot of effort to make our house look absolutely gorgeous. She managed all of the work that was required to be done during the selling process. And finally, when it came to negotiating the bids/offers she was very tactful in making sure to that we get the maximum value and the transaction goes smoothly.

On the buying side, she worked with us for close to 5 months, standing patiently by our side until we were able to find the right home, in a highly competitive sellers market, at a price point we were comfortable with. She never pushed or pressured us into making a hasty decision. In fact, at one point we had almost given up but she persuaded us to not lose hope and continue trying. If it weren't for her, we would not have our current home that we got for a very reasonable price. Our experience with Stella has been very positive and delightful.

Both my wife and I would highly recommend her for both buying and selling sides."
- Rashit & Ashka, Buyer & Seller


"Stella has enabled us to have a secure and comfortable retirement. Within weeks our home was touched up with final updates, staged and on the market. All at a very reasonable cost. The sale went through without complications or delay. Stella's honesty, attention to detail, service and depth of  knowledge is unparalleled. Her team's product and service is amazing and supplied at a very reasonable cost. Don't pass up the opportunity to work with the best." - Janice and Joe, Seller


"Stella Rosh is amazing realtor! She helped us sell our property in Mountain View last July. We picked Stella over the other realtors we interviewed due to her professional qualities, her energy, her positive attitude, responsiveness and her knowledge. She took care for everything and reassured us  in all our worries. She was persistent in overcoming difficulties, but never put pressure on us. Also, Stella is very nice, kind and friendly person. We strongly recommend Stella Rosh to anyone looking to sell or buy a house." - Jody Craig, Seller


"Stella is an excellent real estate agent. She sold my home for well above asking price and in just a few days after being placed on the market. She is a tireless worker and a real pleasure to work with. She made the whole process stress free for me by managing the entire preparation of my home which included cleaning, repairs and staging(which was outstanding!). Stella kept me up to date on everything during the entire process and always responded to my text messages very quickly. She even helped me sell my furniture and find a place stay after my home was sold. If you are looking for a real estate agent, then at least talk to Stella. I'm sure she will impress you. She certainly impressed me." - Dale, Seller


"Your professionalism and efficient manner in executing the myriad of activities throughout the escrow process is very commendable. This not only bodes well for your clients, it also makes my job as a listing agent much easier. I look forward to another opportunity to work with you." - P.K., World Properties


"Stella Rosh assisted us in selling our home of 23 years. Once we made the decision to sell, Stella immediately began to put together a plan to prepare the house for a timely sale. She was incredibly professional, hard-working, and detailed about every aspect of selling the house. She priced the  house for maximum exposure. Approximately 85 people looked at the house the first day! It sold in one weekend with multiple bidders.

She called in trusted professionals to help transform the house. She had painters modernize the kitchen and brighten the home as well as a very talented stager who beautifully transformed each room with furniture and accent pieces.

We highly recommend Stella Rosh as a real estate agent!"
- Lela, Seller


"We knew of Stella through sales in our neighborhood. When we were ready to sell our home we contacted her. A month later we were out of our home, Stella listed it on Wednesday, realtor showing on Thursday with an open house the following weekend and we had 17 offers above asking on the next  Wednesday; just as she predicted. The technicalities of consumating the sale are daunting, but Stella was there the whole way assisting us even into the wee hours. We highly recommend Stella to anyone looking to sell their home in Silicon Valley." - Anita & Bob, Seller


"We were extremely fortunate to find and work with Stella when we were ready to sell a family property in Mountain View. She helped us decide which improvements were most important, she had the property beautifully staged, and she expertly set a price which brought several offers and a very quick closing.

At a time when the real estate market is booming and tricky, it can be challenging to find a true professional who takes responsibility, has the needed expertise, and goes above and beyond for her clients. We couldn't have been happier with our relationship with Stella and her staff, and with the results she brought us."
- Theresa, Seller


"Stella has been my secret weapon in facing the Bay Area real estate market. I've bought 3 homes and sold 2 homes with Stella, and each time exceeded my expectations. When buying our homes, we outbid our competitors, not necessarily because we had the highest offer, but because Stella was so  professional and knew exactly how to strategize and make the best case with the sellers and sellers' agents. And when selling our homes, Stella knew how to showcase our homes and make our homes stand out in a competitive market. We always sold within a week or two of posting our house on sale. So, without hesitation, we would recommend Stella to anyone who's looking to buy or sell in the Bay Area real estate market." - Jeffrey & Diyanne, Buyer & Seller

About Stella

Stella offers expert advice to buyers and sellers alike, and she is committed to facilitating your success. As a real estate agent with decades of personal experience, Stella counts it a privilege to serve as your experienced and trusted friend in Silicon Valley real estate for many years to come. She skillfully combines her intimate knowledge of the Bay Area, a strong work ethic, and adherence to the highest professional standards to earn you the impressive outcome you deserve.

Awards | Ranked in the top 1.5% of agents in the United States in 2021

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