Steph Mahon

Steph Mahon

Real Estate Salesperson


Luxury Homes Certification (LHC), Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Commercial R.E.
About Steph

As a former Corporate Sales Executive, Steph Mahon developed a strong reputation for pushing boundaries in the retail industry with a distinct approach to leadership, sales and service.  As the Director of Retail at MALIN+GOETZ, her experience identifying prime store locations and negotiating the best possible deals offered a glimpse into real estate - and she couldn’t get enough.  

Now, the Retail Exec turned heavy-hitting agent shares her tips and tricks of the home sales industry through videos for her audience (watch them here: A small business advocate on her town’s Retail Advisory Board, Steph also curates the North Central NJ Happenings newsletter for residents, showcasing local events in the area she serves.  

It’s clear that after 20 years breaking new ground and shattering sales records in the corporate world, Steph is poised to do the same in the complex and illustrious Northern New Jersey real estate market.

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