About Steve

As a long time resident of Washington, DC and a native of Maryland, Steve has a deep understanding of how neighborhoods in our growing metropolitan area change, expand, and become home. With over 16 years of experience in real estate, Steve remains committed to finding the best for his clients by helping them to identify the place that is right for them both today and in the future.

Steve has deep connections with developers and homeowners around Washington. He promises to put those connections to work for you as he keeps his clients informed about new construction and properties not yet on the market. Thanks to many years of work in the hospitality industry, Steve is comfortable not only advising you on the home buying and selling process, but also on local restaurants to check out in your new neighborhood and what bottle of wine to bring home to celebrate when deals are done.

Steve continually exceeds client expectations with his dedicated, individualized service. He will enthusiastically work to address all of your concerns, questions, and excitement when it comes to buying or selling your home. Whether you want to meet for coffee, a meal or spin class, he is there to talk through the big decisions while enjoying the small ones along the way.