Steve Williams

Steve Williams

Realtor® | DRE# 02006805

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City College of San Francisco
About Steve
Steve Williams is a seasoned Realtor® who has earned a reputation for his unwavering devotion in assisting clients on their journey to achieving their real estate aspirations. He has amassed a wealth of experience that spans four years in real estate. Clients trust him for not only his unquestionable integrity, but also his professionalism and great work ethic. He is fueled by a passion for helping people find their place in this world. Whether you are a buyer, seller or investor, Steve commits to skillfully guide you through a smooth process to make your real estate dream a reality.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Steve grew up around a family of music industry professionals and real estate investors. This helped brew his passion for the industry. Prior to venturing into real estate, he worked in the event production business in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In Los Angeles, he got some real estate opportunities and returned to San Francisco inspired and ready to start his business. In his tenure at Apple, At&t and Verizon, Steve was top in sales, garnering many accolades for his interests in advanced customer experience that translated to satisfied long term clients. He applies this skill set to exceed his clients’ expectations, helping him to foster long term connections.

Steve has gained extensive geographical knowledge of the San Francisco Bay area and its neighborhoods. This knowledge has enabled him to lead his clients to the go-to spots to discover great value properties. He makes use of his vast network of key real estate service providers to provide any assistance his clients may need at any step of the transaction.

A trailblazer who does not settle for the norm, Steve is a forward-thinking Realtor® who leverages technology to offer cutting edge real estate solutions. He uses an Interactive and advanced online platform that showcases luxury property listings complete with virtual tours giving his clients a glimpse of the actual property.

Steve relentlessly advocates for his clients’ best interests. He conducts a comprehensive analysis of your unique needs and formulates an action plan that leads you to achieve your desired outcomes. Steve guides you through the transaction and beyond, offering after-sales service to ensure that you are content with your purchase. When selling, he finds the best way to highlight your home’s distinctive features and uses advanced marketing strategies to attract a suitable buyer. When buying, Steve avails an array of property options to choose from and gives expert advice giving you confidence in your choice. He is passionate about educating his clients on real estate markets and data, allowing them to make informed investment decisions.

Steve is a licensed Realtor® having received California and Nevada Real Estate licenses, Realtor® certifications, NHCB (New Construction Home Co-Broker), FTBS (First Time Buyer Specialist) and PMM (Property Management Master). He constantly strives to expand his knowledge base, staying abreast of the current market trends and the latest technology.

When he is not helping people achieve their real estate goals, you will find him pursuing his interests in architecture, graphic design, photography, videography, real estate market analysis and digital marketing. He also enjoys preparing plant-based recipes, traveling, gaming, and spending time with his family.

Steve understands that buying or selling a home is a major investment decision. He, therefore, gives it the utmost dedication it deserves. In him, you will find a trustworthy Realtor® who will walk with you towards realizing your real estate vision. Contact him today for tailor-made real estate solutions!

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