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Recent Reviews:

Process/Systems Coaching: "Susie Adamson changed our game. I don't say this lightly. After 13 years in the business I'm hesitant to spend money on coaching because I've learned my lesson a) I can't be bothered and b) coaches seem to have *their* systems which, for whatever reason, don't speak to me. It all seems like adding work, not fine tuning the work I already have to do. Not Susie. She's so confident and fluent in systems and processes, particularly with regards to Compass, that she can wend her way around any learning style to find what's going to make the coaching stick based on the aptitudes of her clients. Susie's only agenda is finding a solution that works for you. And she is so attuned to her clients' styles that she can do this really effectively.

Susie helped us cut through SO MUCH NOISE and sift out the true needle-movers for our business.
Before Susie, we *really* wanted to use Compass checklists because it looked like those would just be the answer to our issues (they have been). We *really* wanted to get the most out of our virtual assistant (we weren't), we *really* wanted to create a culture in our team that created more buy-in from our agents (we hadn't). We had lots of stops and starts and nothing stuck. Well, it's all sticking now. Susie coached us through the hiring of a new VA, the implementation thrice weekly team check ins which we do CONSISTENTLY, the assignation of tasks, the revamping of the direction of our marketing, and the management of our business. Mostly, however, she gave us confidence in our existing skills and helped us find more. She always gave us extra time, and she's just super cool to boot. She stands by her work, she is never stingy with her own work product, and she truly wants you to be a more efficient and proficient agent at the end of the day. I feel so lucky to have worked with her. In fact, my partner and I just signed up for another session so that Susie can join a few more of our team check ins and assess how we're doing and tweak things where necessary. She's the best."

"A+++. Really. Our friends worked with [Tandem] during their home search and highly recommended them to us. We further that recommendation! They take the time to understand what you are looking for in a home and really have an interest in finding you the home that best suits you. They provide insight, react to your likes and concerns, and adjust to streamline the home shopping process. After we were in contract on our new home, they were present every part of the way and really went above and beyond to make sure that we had everything we needed to feel comfortable during the process - no sugar coating; just real facts and opinions to help us decide what is best for us. They truly represented our interests and I would not hesitate to recommend them for your home buying experience."

"We chose to work with [Tandem] because of their deep knowledge and skill, their kindness, their honesty and their integrity. [Tandem] wowed us from the start with their strong, clear market analysis and recommendations. When we first sat down to speak with them in our living room, it felt like having a conversation with a trusted friend, not someone we'd only met in person minutes before. Seriously! They guided us every step of the way as we prepared to sell our home. No detail was overlooked and no question was ignored. Their intuition and preparedness was extraordinary - they were always one step ahead, anticipating future needs so that nothing came as a surprise. We can't even comprehend how they turned what could have been the most chaotic time in our lives into a clear, manageable process with extraordinary results. Well, maybe we can comprehend -- it seems to us like a combination of incredibly hard work, years of experience, dedication, generosity of spirit and commitment to clients as whole people with diverse needs. We are so fortunate that [Tandem] sold our home and would shout it from the rooftops if people wouldn't wonder what in the world we were doing."


Real Estate Trainer/Coach
Renting, Buying, Selling or Investing
First-Time Home Buyers
Pricing Strategy Specialist
Senior Real Estate Specialist


BA, Psychology and Economics, Wellesley College
About Susie
Susie understands that real estate transactions are never mechanical. They are always emotional, life-changing experiences – whether you are renting, buying, selling, or investing. That’s why she is dedicated to providing an exceptional hospitality experience for all of her clients. She takes great pride in the relationships she builds and works tirelessly on her clients’ behalf, looking out for their best interest, at all times.

She started her career in advertising, cutting her teeth at agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather and J. Walter Thompson, moved into brand consulting and marketing in the publishing realm (Condé Nast). Her background as a senior executive in the corporate world prepared her to provide outstanding client service and process management and offer creative marketing strategies and solutions. 

Her nine personal real estate transactions and decade of experience equips her to be the best real estate partner and consultant for today’s buyers, sellers, and investors. 

Susie was born in South Korea (she can butcher Korean with the best of them!), grew up in Maryland, graduated from Wellesley College, and has since lived in Brooklyn, NY; Hoboken, NJ; Washington, DC; Greensboro, NC; Maplewood/South Orange, NJ. She now lives in Phoenixville, PA with her husband. Both of their sons are currently in college. She never thought she'd say this, but she is now a devoted dog mom to the most adorable Australian Labradoodle. She loves food (especially Korean food), hiking, LAUGHTER, and exploring new places. Follow her on Tiktok & Instagram: @susienjpa

Susie is a co-founder and former Principal of Tandem Real Estate Group, a team in the top 1.5% nationwide, top 1% in Essex County, and top 5 in SOMA. She is now a process & systems coach and Principal agent in the Compass Wayne, PA office.

Please see the many reviews from past clients on GoogleLinkedIn, and Zillow.

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