The Gable Team

The Gable Team

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About The Gable Team
Fifty Dollars and a Dream.

That is about all Harry Gable had to his name when he came to America from Western Europe. A Holocaust survivor, he came to the land of opportunity to start from scratch. He worked his way to success, starting as a Fuller Brush salesman and later becoming one of the Peninsula¦s most reputable real estate professionals. It was the beginning of something special. It was the beginning of the Gable family tradition, which continues stronger than ever to this day in the form of his son Ron, wife Maureen, and their children, Naomi and Jeff. Endless Pride, Boundless Determination.

To the Gable family, Harry's story of perseverance is a constant source of inspiration and pride. "My father was an amazing man who showed all of us that with the right dedication and determination, anything is possible," Ron says. Those who know the Gables will tell you no one in this unique family has fallen far from the tree. It shows in the passion they share for life and the integrity with which they approach their business, continuing to build on the family name and their tradition of excellence as one of the Peninsula¦s premier real estate teams.

A Shared Vision

Meet Naomi and Maureen Gable, known throughout the Peninsula as The Gable Team. As mother and daughter, they carry with them three generations of Peninsula Real Estate experience. You may know Ron Gable, Broker and Manager who has paved the way for their success. Following the Gable tradition, Naomi and Maureen serve their family, friends and clients with honesty and integrity always keeping their best interests as the #1 priority.

Upon meeting Naomi and Maureen you will notice their warm nature and inexhaustible friendliness. Their work is based on understanding the needs of their clients and then working together as a team to meet them. They are both Quality Service Certified and Maureen is a Senior Real Estate Specialist which adds to their knowledge of working with the diverse segments of the Peninsula population. Their shared philosophy helps to ensure consistent extraordinary service.

Naomi is known for her honesty and care of her clients. She and her husband Bobby live on the Peninsula with their two daughters Callie and Taitym. She is an avid runner and athlete and loves to spend time outdoors as a family. She also works hard to be a helpful part of their school district and participate in their children's sports activities. Working with both Buyers and Sellers, Naomi and Maureen's goal is to keep clients for life. Their fulfillment is from knowing their clients have had a valuable and effortless real estate experience and were at ease throughout the process. You will have no doubt that most of this team's success will be based on referrals due to their outstanding customer service and care. With integrity and trust, passion and pride, commitment and communication, the Gable Team is the name to know when buying or selling a home on the Peninsula. They are long respected in Peninsula Real Estate.

Compass is proud to announce its association with Naomi Gable Hernandez. An integral part of Compass' dedication to excellence is the collaboration of high caliber professionals. Naomi certainly fits that profile. Naomi and Maureen bring to Compass a wealth of skill, experience and professionalism, and join a group of distinguished real estate professionals who are all part of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced marketing firm specializing in distinctive properties and estates. Compass is dedicated to excellence and our association with The Gable Team is a bright example.

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