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Buyer's Agent, Foreclosure, Short-Sale,
Investors, and Bank Owed Properties


Bachelor’s Degree - Business Administration
and Management, University of Phoenix

Certification of Human Resource- Human Resources
Management and Services, Villanova University

Client Testimonials

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"Tiffany Fox helped me with the purchase of my first rental property. She went above and beyond to make sure the deal was secure. She diligently worked hard to make sure all paperwork was prepared in a timely fashion the closing. She was prompt and efficient with the entire process. She also made great recommendations any changes I wanted to make with the investment property. I would highly recommend her any real estate needs. I also plan to do future work with her when I'm ready to make another investment. I recommend her any real estate needs. I also plan to do future work with her when I'm ready to make another investment. She was also extremely professional throughout the entire process !!!" - Napa

"Tiffany fox was amazing. She accommodate us at every turn. She was respectful and always on time. She had answers to all of our questions even if she had to go out of her way to answer them. I would recommend Tiffany fox to anyone looking to by or a or apartment." - Christopher

"I worked with Tiffany Fox on the purchase of my first home. She went above and beyond me from the very beginning; I cannot sing her praises enough, and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. She answered all my questions in a timely and efficient manner, even responding to the same question just to make sure I fully understood the process while journeying to my forever home. She kept me calm in her responsiveness to everything that was thrown my way during the home buying process. She was extremely professional and hard working. I will HIGHLY recommend Tiffany Fox for any real estate needs, 100%"


About Tiffany
Tiffany Fox exemplifies dedication, integrity, hard work and positive energy in every step of your real estate transaction. She followed the successful path of her mother , Lisa Murphy and mentor. Not only is Tiffany a licensed realtor, she is also the team's transaction coordinator and conveyancer since 2009. Tiffany holds a BSBM degree and an HR Certification. Combine Tiffany's learned knowledge with her passion and dedication to be assured you are in great hands. From your initial search of properties to the settlement table, she will be there to assist.