Tiffany Hickenbottom

Tiffany Hickenbottom

DRE #: 01266874
About Tiffany
The blend of sales and marketing is a perfect profession someone with a variety of interests and natural abilities—one who is creative, loves to be in front of an audience, has an inquiring mind, a big sense of humor and a pioneering spirit. My favorite part of the real estate business is getting to know the people I work with and what`s important to them.

As a result, their input either shapes the development of highly effective marketing outreach programs or sets me on a path of discovery the most ideal property offerings on the market. I`m a matchmaker of sorts. And the end result of pairing complementary buyers and sellers is one sale after another.

In the past 15 years, I have worked with a team of highly successful Canadian developers at Emerging Markets of North America and over 500 realtors in Northern California—starting at The Mitchell Group in Carmel (aquired by Sotheby`s International Realty), Paragon Real Estate Group and now I've teamed up with Compass in Noe Valley. ​

I can confidently say that my marketing and sales experience is far reaching and allows me to wear a variety of hats—those of an innovator, a designer, a media technologist, a diplomat, a psychologist and sometimes even a miracle worker. It all comes down to listening to my clients, defining their needs, reading the marketplace and responding appropriately. 

Finding a new opportunity or an adventure in each day is what inspires me, especially when there`s such a nice flow of positive, tangible results. I have a theory: If I continue to foster great alliances, introduce outstanding opportunities to buyers and sellers, negotiate fair and equitable deals, explore new horizons and utilize my natural abilities, I`ll be content with my life. ​

That`s probably why I`m not like many others who bring home their work woes at the end of the day. What I do in the San Francisco real estate marketplace is a perfect fit much so, I might even be smiling in my sleep at night.