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"Wholeheartedly recommend Christa and Brittany! As first time home buyers relocating from the city to the suburbs, we didn't know much about the buying process. Christa and Brittany were wonderful each step of the way. They were incredibly knowledgeable and came up with creative solutions to navigate a tough buyer's market. They listened to our preferences, were always available and responsive, and helped us find just what we were looking for. I can't say enough good things about Steps to Suburbia with the Ursini team!"

"For us, it was essential to have this team that supports both CT and NY. The 2 Estates were real possibilities and having two sisters who are not competing but collaborating, made a big difference. I am not from the USA and this was the first house that I purchased in my life. The whole process would have taken a lot more time (something I didn't have given the pandemic) without their help. They were always extremely responsive and available. We saw 10 houses in one single day! They are very kind and addressed all my concerns. It's not an easy process, with a lot of emotions, as it involves expectations, dreams and a lot of money. I'm happy that I had Christa to support me. I super recommend The Ursini Team. " - Joana B.

Our Team
With a holistic and personalized approach, The Ursini Team brings a fresh and modern perspective to real estate in Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT. Brittany and Christa Ursini, sisters who were raised in a family of real estate developers and agents, share a relentless drive to provide sophisticated and comprehensive services based on their diverse yet complementary professional backgrounds. Focusing on technology and relationships, The Ursini Team’s mission is to deliver outstanding results through savvy representation, creative solutions and a tailored experience.

About Brittany: Brittany is licensed in Connecticut and specializes in properties located in Fairfield County, CT. Prior to starting her real estate career, Brittany was an attorney at a large law firm in Manhattan where she represented investment banks, institutional lenders and investors on the financing and acquisition of properties throughout the United States. As a real estate agent, Brittany brings her astute negotiation skills and client-centered mindset to every transaction. Her attention to detail, discretion and analytical thinking are invaluable in assisting clients throughout the entire process.

About Christa: Licensed in New York, Christa combines the fast-paced atmosphere of New York City with the laid-back Westchester vibe. Her responsive nature, personable approach and creative vision promise clients a thoughtfully designed experience unique to their needs. Prior to becoming an agent, Christa worked in luxury real estate marketing, where she successfully led branding and marketing campaigns for top developers in New York City and beyond. This keen industry experience directly translates into her career as a real estate agent, where she leverages her creative problem solving, strategic thinking and high design aesthetic.

Steps to Suburbia

Created by the Ursini Team for city dwellers ready to find their place in the suburbs, Steps to Suburbia breaks down the home buying process into three simple yet comprehensive phases that take the home search process from daunting and overwhelming to personalized and exciting. As NYC transplants, Brittany & Christa appreciate the challenges and opportunities of moving to the suburbs and provide experience-based support through innovative technology, customized guides and resources, and a neighborhood personality quiz.


The Quiz: Which Suburb Best Fits Your Personality?

With just eight simple questions, the neighborhood quiz will help you discover the Westchester or Lower Fairfield County community that best fits your personality. Or browse through the neighborhood guides to get a glimpse of each community's lifestyle, market and appeal.


What's the Value of Your Home in Today's Market?

Understand your home’s sale potential with a free home valuation report. Customized to your location and property, our innovative and AI-powered pricing tool will demystify the current real estate landscape.

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