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In the News : The Usha Subramaniam Team quoted in USA Today on the difficulty of buying a house during COVID-19

In the News : The Usha Subramaniam Team quoted in recent WSJ article on recent home buying trends


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"Jackpot. Winning the lottery. Dumb luck. These are the terms my husband and I regularly use when we talk about how we managed to land Usha as our realtor. We purchased our first home through her -- an extremely competitive property that had a multitude of offers that were likely better than ours -- and have no doubt that it was because of Usha's efforts that we acquired it. We had very little experience going in, but from the beginning of our search, Usha worked tirelessly and patiently with us (all the more remarkable given that we started looking with her with a newborn who required constant nursing!), and made certain that we were well-informed and comfortable every step of the way. I could speak at length about her professionalism, responsiveness, intelligence, and unflagging commitment to finding you a home. I could also tell you that everyone we came across that had worked with her (sellers, lawyers, etc.) all commented on these exact traits and more, and spoke of her with utmost regard. But what I found most special about Usha was her unfailing positivity, which in turn never failed to buoy our spirits. There's no better way to put it: Usha is the Hermione Granger of Westchester real estate. We hope to buy and sell all our future properties through her." - Grace C.

"Lori guided us through the process of prepping and listing out house with professionalism, grace and humor. We needed to sell quickly because of a new job opportunity. She helped get the house ready, and knew exactly how to price it in a competitive market. In less than a week, her acumen paid off with a solid full-price offer; and she was there through closing. I highly recommend her services." - Dana and Bruce

"What most struck me about working with Usha was how smart she is. She really does her research, and is completely prepared to answer every question you might ask. She has a vast network of colleagues in Chappaqua, and the surrounding area, and as a result, she was able to get complicated things done in a very short period of time. For example, we looked at a house one morning, and by the afternoon, we had already been pre-approved for the mortgage, scheduled inspections, and had our bid accepted, all thanks to her contacts. Buying a house is a tough, tricky business, and despite how brutal it can get, you always feel as though Usha is on your side, looking out for you. She has a really good heart, which combined with her intelligence, makes her a truly unique real estate broker. I can't recommend working with her enough!" - Brienne W.

"Lori went above and beyond in selling our home. Her advice was invaluable, and our home sold the first weekend over asking. She helped us through the entire process from removing our oil tank to arranging to have electrical issues resolved." - Rich and Heidi

"Extremely satisfied and happy with Usha's support to us. We are Expats into US, so I was steeling myself for a really hard time finding a home and setting things up. I wrote to 8-10 odd agents in the area seeking support to find a home, and Usha was the most responsive. I would recommend Usha to anyone looking for home in the Westchester area for the following reasons: 1. She was the most responsive of 8-10 odd agents we reached out to in the area. She was very prompt on emails, phone making it easy for us to select our top picks much before we actually landed in the area. This upfront work helped us sign the lease on our home literally a day after we arrived in the US saving us time and hotel stay expenses, not to mention the mental peace that comes with finding a base. 2. Her local area knowledge and existing relationships make it easier to find the right home which compliments the lifestyle. She spent good amount of time initially in understanding our requirements, budget, priorities and throughout the process her recommendations for the home were based on the lifestyle we wanted to have, rather than just the home alone. This in hindsight is the BIGGEST reason I would go to her again and again (this is why perhaps just Zillow searches on the internet are not enough and one needs a REAL person/ agent). It's little things like - this house is by a nature trail, avoid this area as no park nearby for your kid, heavy traffic on this road, etc that only a local person can help with, and in that regard Usha's knowledge is unmatched. As a result we now have a home that's working for us holistically as against just finding us " roof over our heads". 3. When we arrived in the US, she again spent considerable time with us driving around various towns and showing us simple things like local schools, train station, eateries, banks, etc. All this on day 1 made me very confident of my choice of location and house. 4. She knows the process inside out. Thanks again Usha and Houlihan Lawrence you're very lucky to have her!! She believes in Human Connect first and foremost and I wish more agents imbibe the same Mantra. - Help the clients find a home that brings their whole lifestyle together rather than just a house " - Mili

"Lori did an exceptional job helping to sell my house. She offered critical advice in making my home more marketable and was always available when I had a question. She was always completely professional, respectful and personable. Her advice made a hard to sell property sell within a reasonable amount of time. Lori was unquestionably a delight in many ways. She really knew the local real estate market and offered suggestions in a very positive manner that were very helpful. I always admired her good sense and people skills." - Leslie

"Lori was on point with everything we needed to get a house in a town we knew very little about. She stuck with us over a year and put up with our very specific choices about our home. In the end,we found exactly what we wanted, and she made the process seamless. We are so happy we found Lori, and elated at our home purchase!" - Chris and Sharon - Chappaqua, NY

"We just bought our very 1st house and Usha was a tremendous help, helping us navigate through an unsuspected long process, giving us tips and people to contact... Everything went really smoothly and we realized how important it is to have a great agent to help you! As a person, she is very nice and funny and would always quickly answer any questions we would mail. Great experience! " - Delphine

"Usha is a terrific broker! By working with her, you will find smooth communication, efficient responses, and, most importantly, insights of the target property that you cannot simply achieve online. She is always very honest with the pros and cons of a property and will present those to you for your overall consideration. When it’s going to my bidding, our case is almost the “worst” case — we were bumped out two times after the sellers accepting our offers. Usha was being very supportive all the time. Advocating the best interest of her clients, she provided very practical suggestions on my offerings. She coordinated tirelessly and efficiently between the sellers and never pushed me to bid blindly when there was a bidding war. (Believe it or not, some brokers push hard just to get their commission ASAP without caring your best interest.) Usha also did a lot out of her duty for us as a courtesy and her service definitely exceeded our expectations. I am glad I chose Usha as my broker at the very beginning. She is a person that you not only want to work with but also build a long term friendship with. I strongly recommend Usha."

"Lori is the most intelligent, thorough, dedicated, and indefatigable agent I could imagine working with. After buying one house and selling another with Lori, we were amazed and thrilled at the high level of commitment and personal attention she gave to us. She worked tirelessly on our behalf each and every step to get the transactions completed. I highly recommend Lori - she is simply the best!" - Victoria and Gary - Croton on Hudson, NY

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About Usha Subramaniam Team at Compass

In a world filled with noise, The Usha Subramaniam team “US” cuts through the din. Usha Subramaniam founded The US team with a keen understanding that a team comprised of full-time professionals provides clients with superior service. Usha comes to Real Estate after a successful career as the director of Decorative Arts Auctions at both Christie's and Phillips in NYC, giving her a unique perspective in marketing based on aesthetics. Lori is a former practicing attorney, working on complex commercial litigation at top NYC firms, and had successfully transitioned to a career in residential real estate at William Raveis. Lori brings a keen analytical eye and problems solving capabilities. Together, Usha and Lori provide clients with an unparalleled level professional service.

About Usha
Usha, a Licensed Associate Broker brings buyers and sellers together, carefully listening to them and understanding their needs. Her focus on client needs, her reliability, and attention to details underlie her professional reputation. She brings a wide range of skills and her tremendous professional experience to guide buyers and sellers every step of the way.

Usha started her career at Christie’s Auction house then Phillips NYC auction house, where she successfully managed the decorative arts department, setting the record sale price for a Tiffany glass lamp at $1.87 million, and then created her own fine arts auction house; Icon20. While working in the fine art auction business, Usha was a regular appraiser on the Antiques Road Show, on PBS.

Usha is a lifelong resident of Chappaqua. She attended and graduated from the Chappaqua Schools and is now a respected member of the community raising her two children in Chappaqua. She has been an enthusiastic member of the PTA over the years. She was co-chair of the Roaring Brook Elementary School After School Enrichment Program and is currently the Chair of the Robert E. Bell Middle School International Day which celebrates diversity in our schools.

She spends her free time with her family and dog. She is an avid tennis player, having played singles for Horace Greeley High School and the University of Rochester.

About Lori

Lori is an experienced real estate professional representing buyers and sellers in Northern Westchester County. Her approach is candid and honest and she sees her role as helping her clients make informed decisions - whether purchasing a starter home as a first time buyer, relocating, trading up, or downsizing. Lori sincerely enjoys getting to know her clients as individuals, and although she is analytical and data driven in her thinking, she is sensitive to the emotional component of the home buying and selling process. As a former practicing attorney, Lori’s attention to detail, diligence and expertise help guide clients smoothly through all aspects of a transaction.

Lori’s clients enjoy unparalleled personal attention. For sellers, that means helping through every stage of the process - from readying a home for listing to implementing targeted marketing plans, to closing. She is always available to answer questions and find solutions. For buyers, Lori brings patience and the wealth of knowledge that comes from growing up in southern Westchester, going through the Scarsdale School System (K-12) and living in both Bedford and Chappaqua for the past 20+ years.

Lori joined the Usha Subramaniam Team because she knows that clients are simply best served with a full time team working for them. She firmly believes that the most creative approaches and solutions come out of collaboration with a team of experts with different backgrounds. From staging to closing, their team is by your side.

About Julia
Julia is a licensed real estate salesperson representing clients in Northern Westchester County. She has been an active member of the Bedford/Mount Kisco area for over 5 years, and is eager to be turning that community focus toward real estate.

As a proud member of The Usha Subramaniam Team, Julia carries the values of hard work, honesty and outstanding service into all that she does. Julia also brings over 10 years of marketing and event management experience to the US Team, providing solid communication and organizational skills - ensuring the needs of all clients are met.

Julia was born and raised in Massachusetts, moved to New York City in 2008, and to Westchester County in 2013. She now resides in Bedford Corners with her husband, two children, rescue cat (Gotham) and rescue dog (Bruin).

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a view of a backyard with plants and a garden
a living room with patio furniture and a fireplace
a living room with furniture and a fireplace
a living room with patio furniture and a floor to ceiling window
a living room filled with furniture and a floor to ceiling window
a outdoor space with lots of furniture and wooden floor
a view of living room with furniture
a large white kitchen with cabinets and wooden floor
a view of a dining room with furniture and a kitchen
a living room with fireplace furniture and a flat screen tv
a bedroom with a bed and window
a spacious bedroom with a bed dresser and a large mirror
a bathroom with a tub sink and mirror
a view of walk in closet with clothes and shoes
a bedroom with a large bed and a window
a bathroom with a sink toilet vanity and shower
a room with gym equipment and a large window
a bathroom with a sink a toilet and shower
a outdoor space with furniture a table and chairs
a bathroom with a toilet sink and mirror
a utility room with dryer and washer
an aerial view of a house
a view of yard with swimming pool and green space
a view of house with backyard and trees
a living room with furniture hardwood floor and a table
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances a stove a sink and cabinets
a bathroom with a sink toilet and shower
a view of a tennis court
a view of a grassy field with trees
a view of a house with a yard
a view of a house with backyard and garden
a front view of a house with a yard
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a front view of a house with a garden
a front view of a house with garden
a living room with furniture fireplace and a potted plant
a view of empty room with wooden floor and fireplace
a view of a dining room with furniture window and wooden floor
a view of empty room with wooden floor and fan
a living room with furniture and a large window
a big room with windows and chandelier
a kitchen with a window a sink and cabinets
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances granite countertop hardwood floor sink stove and a granite counter top
a kitchen with a sink stove and cabinets
a bath tub sitting in a bathroom next to a window
a bathroom with a toilet a sink a mirror and a window
a view of a hallway with wooden floor and entryway
a bedroom with a bed and wooden floor
a view of an empty room with wooden floor and a window
a bathroom with a sink a mirror and a shower
a bedroom with a bed and wooden floor
a view of a room with wooden floor and windows
a bathroom with a granite countertop sink and a mirror
wooden floor in a hall with an entryway
a bathroom with a toilet sink and mirror
a view of a entrance gate of the house
a view of a big yard with plants and large trees
a view of backyard with outdoor seating and plants
a backyard of a building
a front view of a house with a yard
a view of a garden with a building in the background
a view of a house with a garden
a view of a house with a big yard and potted plants
a picture of a park
a picture of a park
a picture of a park with a floor
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a front view of a house with a yard
a view of a dining room with furniture and wooden floor
a large kitchen with stainless steel appliances granite countertop a stove and a wooden floors
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances granite countertop a stove a sink and a refrigerator
a kitchen with granite countertop a refrigerator and a stove
a kitchen with kitchen island granite countertop a sink cabinets and wooden floor
a living room with furniture and a wooden floor
a living room with a couch and a view of kitchen
a bedroom with a bed and a window
a bathroom with a sink and a mirror
a bedroom with a bed and wooden floor
a bathroom with a sink and a mirror
a view of a hallway with wooden floor and staircase
a view of a hallway with wooden floor and entryway
a living room with furniture and a wooden floor
a view of entryway with wooden floor
a backyard of a house with table and chairs
a view of a house with a yard
a front view of a house with a yard
a view of a house with a garden
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