Wendy Slutzkin

Wendy Slutzkin

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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City University of New York-Queens College -
BA, English
About Wendy
Wendy is a quintessential New Yorker. Born raised New York City, she has lived worked neighborhoods throughout Manhattan has a wealth of knowledge about each neighborhood’s character. Her hardworking attitude loyalty to her clients are of paramount importance to Wendy.

With her many years working in client services, Wendy will work diligently to assess your needs, help prioritize those needs, generate a plan to find you the apartment of your dreams. Having a keen interest in interior design, she can help her clients visualize the possibilities that exist for each living space.

Client Testimonials

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In mid-2019, my primary real estate agent enlisted Wendy's aid when one of the Manhattan apartments I had been pursuing turned out to have a difficult co-op board sellers that could not make up their minds. I was told Wendy had experience in dealing with co-ops, particularly challenging ones. In the months that followed, she proved this more.

I eventually backed away from buying that apartment. Its sellers were encouraging me to commit fraud! Subsequently Wendy helped me continue my search, visiting apartments offering suggestions thoughts -- never anything pushy. Finally I began pursuing the apartment I would end up buying. Wendy put up with this apartment's unreasonable, unprofessional, at times even abusive sellers, agency (yes the whole agency), attorney. We also spent a lot of time putting together the perfect board package, which is when she demonstrated the skills I had been told about, as well as a truly unbelievable work ethic. Several times, Wendy spent hours composing, rearranging, tweaking the board package, even late at night well past normal work hours even past midnight. I witnessed this firsthand on some nights when I joined her at the Compass office because my presence was needed. I also wanted to ensure my sensitive documents were handled securely, and she carefully adhered to my (sometimes onerous) requests for maintaining data privacy.

Wendy is a fantastic agent. She has years of experience, the energy to successfully deal with the notoriously insane Manhattan co-op buying process, and was a pleasure to work with. You'll want her on your side. - Michael Yagliyan