Yarden Ronen-van Heerden

Yarden Ronen-van Heerden

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker | The Hillary’s Homes Team

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“Yarden is a rock star realtor--knowledgeable, thorough, patient, transparent, cheerful in every interaction, a great communicator, and reliable without fail. In our quest for the perfect house, he was our guru. He paid attention to exactly what we wanted, understood our tastes, and helped us focus our time and energy on houses he knew would be real candidates for us. When we finally found The One, he helped us craft a winning bid and get everything in order for a smooth contract negotiation, closing, and move-in. In the sale of our house, too, Yarden was amazing. He had the perfect recommendations for preparing our home for the market, without ever being pushy, and he had a slate of contacts to help us get it done. In both transactions, Yarden amazingly had all the information at his fingertips whenever I called him. He kept us in the loop on every relevant conversation or situation as it arose, and he followed up on every issue and question promptly—I never had a fear that a ball would be dropped. He was a true partner to us throughout the process!” - Kerry and Jon

"Yarden is amazing! We are beyond happy to be in our new home in Westchester and would not be here without Yarden. He is the nicest and was super thoughtful and accommodating of us and our young daughter and dog. He helped us navigate a pretty unique situation as first-time home buyers. He was a real advocate for us with the seller and provided us with a great amount of moral support and needed levity. We truly don’t think we would’ve gotten this house without Yarden. If anyone ever asks me for an agent recommendation, 10/10 would recommend Yarden!!!!!" - Danielle and Matt

"We were outrageously impressed with Yarden's professionalism and knowledge in the realty space. In an extremely competitive market, Yarden consistently made himself available to us and provided us with valuable insights that ultimately culminated with us putting in an offer on our dream home. Yarden was extremely helpful in guiding us through the offer/buying process and his network of individuals greatly reduced our stress for these first-time homebuyers. In the end, we closed on a home that had 30+ offers and have already passed Yarden's contact information to others who are searching for their new home. We HIGHLY recommend this realtor who feels more like family to us now!" - Julie and Peter

"I can't thank Yarden enough for all his help to sell my mother's apartment. He was professional, detail-oriented, and patient. Yarden went above and beyond his realtor responsibilities and was very knowledgeable about the local market. Highly recommend Yarden for all your realty needs!” - Ina

"I’ve hemmed and hawed because I do not have the words to express my gratitude and my admiration for Yarden. We searched high and low for a home for over 10 months. We scoured every nook and cranny in Westchester on weekends, weekdays, holidays, and evenings. Throughout this long ordeal, Yarden was always there. Patient, persistent, pleasant, indefatigable, charming, and gracious, Yarden showed us any and all homes that we wanted to see. He always had a smile, words of encouragement, and sometimes even coffee. He enjoyed endless discussions about how we would furnish the homes and what life would be like in each and every one. He persevered when we lost bids and even when we backed out of accepted offers due to a case of cold feet. And after all that, 10 months later, Yarden found us a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood that checked all, well most, of our boxes. He then firmly and graciously got us all the way through the closing until we had the keys in our hands. I still wake up on weekends thinking we have to meet him somewhere, and although we found our dream home, I sometimes want to look some more because I miss the time we spent together. Thank you, Yarden, and thank you to Hillary’s Homes. Thanks to you, we can now live happily ever after.."  - Angie and David

"We couldn't thank Yarden enough! I met him randomly at an open house and little did he know he would stuck with us for the next year. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient and accommodating. He was there helping us through all our eye rolls and belly laughs. He was there 100% of the way without fail. We are forever grateful for the time and effort he invested in finding us OUR home for years to come."  - Jessica and Eduardo

"Yarden is very easy to work with, and his subtle, nuanced insight and suggestions on how to approach the entire process allowed us to make small tweaks that significantly reduced the amount of time we spent while actually getting more of what we wanted. He is super responsive and always on top of everything, making complicated things seem simple and seamless. He's genuinely a good person and a rare find" - Gerri and Ricardo

"We recently had the pleasure of working with Yarden Ronen-van Heerden as our real estate agent in the search for a co-op in Scarsdale, NY. Yarden's unmatched kindness, dedication and understanding truly set him apart. He was so diligent in his help, responded immediately to questions and viewings, and has extensive knowledge of the local market allowed him to grasp our needs immediately. It made the process efficient and truly tailored to our preferences. Outstanding communication kept us informed and confident throughout the journey. What stands out most is Yarden's understanding, especially crucial when assisting my elderly mother. He took the time to listen to my her concerns and preferences, ensuring that she felt supported the entire time. He approached the process with empathy and patience, ensuring her comfort and ease in what was a big out-of-state move for her. In summary, Yarden Ronen-van Heerden is not just a real estate agent; he's a genuine professional who combines dedication and compassion. Our experience was exceptional, and I would highly recommend Yarden to anyone seeking a top-notch real estate partner." - Margaret

"We recently had the pleasure of working with Yarden from Hillary's Home Team, and I must say that his commitment and unwavering determination made our home-buying experience truly exceptional. From the very beginning, Yarden demonstrated an impressive level of professionalism and a genuine desire to help us find our dream home. Yarden's dedication to understanding our needs and preferences was evident throughout the entire process. He took the time to listen attentively to our requirements, carefully considering our budget, desired location, and specific features we were looking for. His extensive knowledge of the area and the real estate market allowed him to narrow down the search efficiently, saving us valuable time and effort. What truly set Yarden apart was his unwavering perseverance. He never gave up on us, even when we faced challenges along the way. Yarden consistently went above and beyond, tirelessly searching for properties that aligned with our criteria and presenting us with suitable options. His attention to detail was remarkable, ensuring that each potential house he recommended met our expectations and preferences. Throughout the negotiation and purchasing process, Yarden was a true advocate for us. His negotiation skills were remarkable, and he worked diligently to secure the best possible deal for our new home. Yarden was also an excellent communicator, promptly addressing any concerns or questions we had and keeping us well-informed at every stage of the transaction. Yarden's dedication extended beyond the closing of the deal. He provided us with valuable recommendations for local resources, such as contractors and home inspectors, ensuring a smooth transition into our new home. It was evident that he genuinely cared about our satisfaction and wanted to ensure that our home-buying experience was nothing short of exceptional. In conclusion, Yarden from Hillary's Home Team exceeded our expectations in every aspect. His dedication, professionalism, and never-give-up attitude were crucial in helping us find our dream home. If you're in search of a real estate agent who will go the extra mile and work tirelessly on your behalf, I wholeheartedly recommend Yarden and the entire team. You won't be disappointed." -  Veronica and Toby

"Yarden is incredibly knowledgable, patient, and compassionate and assertive when he needs to be - the perfect combination for a great real estate agent! I cannot recommend him enough. He communicates with all parties involved in a timely manner, he is incredibly generous with his time, knowledge, and network. He connected us with an amazing attorney and lender so we had a dream team supporting us with this purchase. Buying a home is a stressful and emotional process (especially in this market) so your real estate agent needs to be able to handle the ups and downs and Yarden did this impeccably! We bought the perfect home for us and we enjoyed the journey because of Yarden. A pleasure to work with - we are lucky to have met him and worked with him." - Maya and Neeraj

"Yarden was a pleasure to work with and an expert in the areas we were searching in, giving us confidence in the homes and towns we were seeing. When it came time to make an offer, he skillfully helped us navigate our options, and we ultimately landed our dream home in a competitive market." - Becca and Andrew

"Yarden is the best realtor I've ever known. He's nice, patient, professional, and ethical. My home-buying journey was unforeseeable and tough. We were victims of Hurricane Ida last year. The disaster made us urgently need a new home. We went to many property showings, which took tremendous time and energy. Yarden went through the entire process with us for almost one year. He finally found the most suitable home for my family. We greatly appreciate his effort and wish him a very successful career! I'll recommend him to all my friends in need of buying a property." - Ying

"We started working with Yarden from the moment we met him in the summer of 2021 at a property in Briarcliff Manor. We didn’t put in an offer on that home, however, from that first showing, he quickly understood what we were looking for, which wasn’t your average cookie-cutter home! Yarden maintained our enthusiasm for finding our forever home, and the search continued until we finally put in an offer on our home and closed in September 2022. Even after the closing, Yarden has maintained a professional relationship with us. He has a lot of knowledge about Westchester County, and when we call him asking for a recommendation for anything big or small, he usually has an answer or does research and calls us back. Yarden is a great realtor, one that isn’t pushy or overbearing but one who knows how to get the job done in the face of any obstacle. We are humbled by the experience and will continue to bounce our crazy home ideas off Yarden and his professional team." - Stephanie and Robin

"Yarden was so great to work with! Not only was he extremely attentive to what we were ultimately looking for, but he was equally patient with us! I would highly recommend him if you are in the market for a rental. We are SO happy with our new home!" - Leticia and Xavier

"Yarden was a superlative Buyer’s Agent for us. In addition to being knowlegible, professional and extremely responsive he was an absolute pleasure to work with. He made a lot of keen observations as we walked through properties without being pushy. We needed to get into a house quickly and were lucky to do so - Yarden was great at advising us on how to move things along fast while managing expectations. He gave good advice on decision-making and had great contacts for all the services you need during and after the house-buying process. He was good at gently keeping discussions on track. We highly recommend working with Yarden." - Elijah and Katherine

"We are so happy to have found Yarden! He is an attentive and patient real estate agent who was there for us every step of our house hunting journey. He made it fun to house hunt and though we may have met him in the context of a business relationship - we now consider him a friend!" - Julian and Karolina

"We worked with Yarden for 6 months to find our perfect home in Westchester. He stood by us through some challenging times and was consistently attentive to our needs - 7 days per week. His commitment to excellence is palpable and his delightful demeanor made the past 6 months enjoyable. We highly recommend Yarden Ronen-van Heerden for all of your real estate needs." - Sal and Monica

"I am so blessed to have had Yarden work with me on finding my dream home. He was very patient and knowledgeable about the market. He would always respond in a timely manner. What I loved the most about Yarden is that he always provided me with honest feedback.Thanks to his professionalism and experience, I was able to find my dream home. Post COVID, the market was insane and thanks to his advice and guidance, I was finally able to make a decision on the right home for my family. I am definitely recommending Yanden to my friends and family in the future" - Celina

"Yarden was a tremendous help with our search for our dream home. We randomly met Yarden at an open house and started working together immediately. Our home search took many months, and throughout the process, Yarden was patient and always kept us focused on our wants and needs that we shared with him. When we finally found the home we wanted and received an accepted offer, Yarden took us through the process step by step. As first-time home buyers, we were unfamiliar with everything involved, but with Yarden’s help, everything worked out to our favor. As the home purchase process moved on, my wife and I shared to each other that we viewed Yarden as a friend. We really enjoyed working with Yarden and would tell our friends and family to work with him if they needed a real estate agent. You will be impressed with Yarden’s work ethic, patience, and passion that he devotes to you throughout your journey to purchase a new home." - Peter and Han

"Yarden is relentless in his pursuit of the ideal situation for his clients. He uses his long experience and broad knowledge of the current real estate environment to produce the best results possible. We've been impressed not only with his talents in his chosen field but also his people skills. Also, he is very entertaining -- an important asset for someone the client is bound to spend a lot of time with." -Joeseph and Susan

"I’m so glad we had the opportunity to work with Yarden. He made getting the home we wanted quick and easy. Throughout the process, Yarden was responsive, reassuring and gave us the space we needed to make our decision. He was also very accommodating and went out of his way to meet us when it worked best for us. I highly recommend working with Yarden if you have the opportunity!" - Daniel and Marykate

"Yarden is the easiest agent to work with. From the moment we set up my search to the date of closing, he was nothing short of wonderful. Extreme attention to detail and ALWAYS kept me updated every step of the way. I never had to chase him for an update. Highly recommend him for anyone looking for a home in the upper Westchester Area. He always had a smile and would even call just to check in and chat. Does not get any better than him!" - Danielle

"From the beginning to the end of our journey from Brooklyn to Westchester, Yarden was a true star! Yarden is a knowledgeable, people oriented, trustworthy agent. The real estate process can be cold and transactional, but Yarden makes it anything but with his warm, human, client-centered approach. We were looking with limited inventory across the pandemic and Yarden understood what worked for us and always made himself available with limited notice and was never pushy. Over the course of our journey, we hit snags along the way and Yarden smoothed them out and took control and we always knew we were in good hands. From an inspection on a property that didn’t work out to a snag on our final walk through, before we could even ask, Yarden was on the phone finding solutions for us and keeping us updated along the way. He always kept our best interests in mind and provided clear headed guidance that is so necessary along what can be a very emotional journey. From helping balance our kids on walkthroughs to providing inside details into neighborhoods, Yarden proved with each property we visited his consistent commitment to his clients. We are now in our beautiful home and can’t thank Yarden enough. We haven’t just gained an amazing real estate contact, but a friend along the way." - Dain and Jessica

"Moving from NYC to Westchester was daunting, but with Yarden and Hillary we were in great hands! Yarden was helpful, reliable, responsive and on top of it when it came to our home search and getting into the homes we wanted to see. I am still amazed that we were able to find our dream home in our dream community during an incredibly competitive market- all thanks to our amazing broker! If you are looking in upper Westchester, I cannot recommend Yarden more highly to find the right home for you!" - Christina and Sinan

"I felt an instant connection to Yarden. He was like a new bestie/ therapist/super agent throughout the whole daunting process. He cares, listens and expertly works above and beyond. My family was in excellent pro hands with Yarden and Hillary who helped us secure our home in such a crazy market and we are so happy to finally feel like we belong. We feel lucky to be part of the Hillary Homes community now." - Meesha and John

"Yarden was a dream to work with as my husband and I looked in the Hudson Valley for our first home. We knew very little about the area and had started our search in one neighborhood based on what we had found on Zillow. After touring two homes with us and getting a sense of our wish list, Yarden suggested we try a different neighborhood that wasn’t on our radar. We found our dream home in the week that followed. From the initial offer through to the closing he was extremely responsive, provided great advice, and proactively checked in to make sure we had everything we needed. Yarden and Hillary even came to the rescue on the final walkthrough when we thought the heating system wasn’t working. After guessing it may be a battery issue, Hillary drove to a nearby store to buy new batteries and Yarden installed them for us. Talk about full service! We highly recommend Yarden and are so glad to have had the opportunity to work with him." - Amanda and Matt

"Yarden was such a joy to work with from the first day we met him! He visited a couple of houses with us as part of Team Hillary and he was patient and happy to answer our many questions. When we finally saw the house we closed on, Yarden was so supportive and genuinely excited for us. We are very grateful to have worked with Yarden and Hillary to find our dream home!" -David and Emily

"Yarden was an absolute partner in my home buying experience. From the start, he would give me all the facts and made suggestions leading up to making an offer. During the time from contract to closing, Yarden was on it. Anytime I wasn’t getting something I needed from other members of my team or seller’s rep, I would just call Yarden and it was taken care of within couple of hours. He wasn’t just in it as a real estate agent, he was in it to make sure I was happy with the whole experience. I can’t thank him enough. I highly recommend him!" - Jeff

"With news that a sudden job location change was moving my family to Westchester County, we arrived from out-of-state for a whirlwind house hunt, armed only with a recommendation for the Hillary’s Homes Team. From the moment my husband and I met Yarden, we knew we were in capable hands. Yarden listened carefully to our concerns and priorities. His relaxed, “can do” demeanor calmed my anxiety about our compressed timeline. We were impressed with his efficiency in meeting our requests for property tours and getting answers to our questions. He uncovered far more property options than we'd expected to find in this market, and he wasn’t satisfied until we’d found just the right fit for our family. Strongly recommend!" - Kym and Bill

"The experience we had with Compass was beyond anything we could have dreamed up. Hillary and Yarden are true pros. We had complete confidence in their management of the sale of our home. Hillary brought a whole team of specialists to help us navigate the process. Yarden helped us with our search to find a new place to live. He always kept our needs in the forefront and patiently and proactively helped us explore all options - even if he did not benefit. I could not recommend the Compass team more highly. They have a professional, personal customer experience as their top priority. They made us feel that our needs were the most important, they are fun and fabulous to work with and most important we are really happy with the results!" - Jelane and David

"Yarden is such a pleasure! He is reliable, really knows the market and Croton area well, and gets back to you quickly. It is really refreshing to work with someone who genuinely cares and listens to what your needs are. I'd recommend him to anyone, as he is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy" - Lisa and David


- Top Agent Magazine featured agent, 2023
- 5-Star Professional Westchester Rising Star, 2023
- Real Trends Top 1.5% Small Teams Nationwide, 2023
Zillow Premier Top Agent


- Bold Magazine "How to Keep Your Creativity Alive!" 
Canvas Rebel featured entrepreneur
Realtor Magazine featured Buyer’s Agent
Top Agent Magazine featured Real Estate Agent

My Areas

Briarcliff Manor, Chappaqua, Pleasantville, Katonah, Armonk, Bedford, Dobbs Ferry, Irvington, Hastings on Hudson, Ardsley, Yorktown Heights, Croton-on-Hudson, Peekskill, Scarsdale, New Rochelle, Irvington, Dobbs Ferry, Ossining, Tarrytown, Harrison, Rye ... and more.


- Home Buyers & Sellers
- First and Second Time Home Buyers
- Luxury Home
- Land / Lots
- Staging, Downsizing, Relocation, Senior Communities

About Yarden

Yarden is a dedicated professional who finds immense fulfillment in assisting others. With a track record of over $43 million in sales, he is unwavering in his commitment to helping his clients achieve their real estate aspirations. Yarden brings integrity, attentiveness, and empathy to every transaction, serving as a trusted advisor to his clients in all real estate matters.

From a successful background as a professional dancer and later an executive and development director, Yarden possesses a sharp eye for detail and formidable negotiation skills. His firsthand experience in navigating the real estate markets of New York City and Westchester has equipped him with invaluable insights at every stage of the home-buying and selling process.


Yarden leverages social and digital marketing strategies to attract highly qualified buyers and sellers while staying abreast of the latest research, analytics, and trends. As a valued member of The Hillary's Homes Team, Yarden collaborates closely with acclaimed agent Hillary Landau, recognized as Westchester Magazine's "2023 Best Agent." The Team provides unparalleled local expertise and a carefully cultivated network of like-minded professionals, ensuring a seamless and exceptional transaction from beginning to end. 

With connections coast to coast, Yarden offers his clients direct access to a network of top Compass agents across the United States to ensure a smooth and successful relocation, wherever their destination might be.


- English
- Hebrew


- Feeding Westchester's Ossining Food Pantry, Volunteer
Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct, Volunteer
Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, former Executive Director
- Teatown Lake Reservation, Member
Dance To Unite, Advisory Board Member
- NYC Emergency Fund for Dancers, Board member


- Center for Realtor Development
- New York Salesperson Real Estate License
- Accredited Buyer's Representative® (ABR)
- New York State National Association of Realtors

Professional Associations

- National Association of REALTORS®
- New York State Association of REALTORS®
- Hudson Gateway Association of REALTORS®
- Member of the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council (REBAC)
- OneKey™ Multiple Listing Service
- LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance
- The National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals


Yarden Ronen-van Heerden’s Listings

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a kitchen with stainless steel appliances granite countertop a sink stove and refrigerator
a kitchen with a sink a refrigerator and cabinets
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a living room with furniture and a large window
a living room with furniture and wooden floor
a view of a hallway with wooden floor and glass door
a view of a workspace with furniture
a bathroom with a sink and a toilet
a view of an empty room with a sliding door
a view of an empty room with glass door
a bathroom with a sink toilet and a mirror
a view of walk in closet
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a view of a backyard with wooden fence
a view of a street with a building in the background
a view of a house with a backyard and sitting area
a view of a park with slide
a living room with furniture wooden floor and a fireplace
a living room with furniture wooden floor and a fireplace
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