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Angel Dionisio display picture

Angel Dionisio

Senior Software Developer in Test

Previous experience

Prior to Compass Angel was a Senior SDET at Ladders where he was responsible for the tooling and infrastructure to support the continuous integration of multiple daily deploys. He holds a B.S in Computer Science from the City College of New York. In his free time he enjoys watching Soccer and Mixed Martial Arts.

Favorite thing about Compass

“The people, and in turn the culture. Compass encompasses the idea of collaborating without ego, really talented engineers who share, discuss, and cross pollinate information. Plenty of great minds to bounce ideas from and learn from, in an open, and dare I say, pretty cool environment to work at.”

Mark Humphrey display picture

Mark Humphrey

Director of Engineering

Previous experience

Previously a VP / Associate Director of Engineering at FactSet, Mark led the expansion of the engineering team into New York. He graduated from Brown with a B.S. and M.S in Computer Science.

Favorite thing about Compass

“I was looking for a fast moving company that is a leader in innovation. Helping to shape the emerging engineering culture is also an exciting opportunity.”

Tal Netanyahu display picture

Tal Netanyahu

Senior Software Engineer

Previous experience

Tal joined Compass after working in Microsoft's BI department as a Frontend engineer. She is originally from Israel, and has a B.Sc. from the Technion. In her free time, she enjoys watching and making movies, as well as music and photography.

Favorite thing about Compass

"That's gotta be the people. Not only are there brilliant minds here, who teach you and inspire you to excel, they're also some of the best company you could ask for. Sometimes I feel guilty for having so much fun at work."

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