Concierge Budget Estimator

Use this tool to find out whether your client's Concierge budget is within our program guidelines. This tool does not apply to requests for Concierge Capital provided by Notable.
Be sure to check with your client on whether anything is owed on the home.


Almost there!

Sorry — this project is not approved.

Additional requirements:

  • Seller must submit proof of at least 4x home equity vs. Concierge Budget.

  • Agents must submit examples of 3 local comps that listed and sold in the last six months (similar price and same neighborhood)

As indicated above, requests with over $3M list price, and $150k budget, or over where budget exceeds 5% of the list price require more documentation from you.

This tool is provided for informational purposes only and is not a guarantee of results. Every project is different and multiple factors play into whether a project will ultimately be eligible for Compass Concierge.

This tool only applies to the Compass Concierge services program and does not include information with respect to any other Compass program or any program provided by 3rd parties working with Compass. Rules & Exclusions apply with respect to the Compass Concierge services program, which is also subject to additional terms and conditions.