Welcome to Adams Morgan

For some, the neighborhood is synonymous with the late-night revelry on 18th Street, but for others it’s a charming and mellow place to call home. Tall townhouses on shady side streets speak to its past, while a large contingent of residents and a diverse community are the reason for its vibrant present.

Key Details


Commute Times
Metro Center 20m by train, 9m by car
Union Station 24m by train, 16m by car
DuPont Circle 14m by train, 5m by car
Reagan National Airport 40m by train, 17m by car
Nearest Metro
  • rd transit
Nearby Neighborhoods Columbia Heights, Dupont Circle, Woodley Park, U Street, Kalorama, Mt. Pleasant

Around the Block

Adams morgan:
A multicultural melting pot.

Adams Morgan, a neighborhood on the hill adjacent to Dupont Circle, was built on diversity in the 1950s when residents rallied for the desegregation of its two elementary schools, John Quincy Adams and Thomas P. Morgan. Since then, it’s become known for its cultural diversity and as a welcoming place for all residents.

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What to expect:
Entertainment-filled evenings and daytime diversions.

Bar-hopping and dancing until dawn are favorite pastimes on 18th Street. Nightclubs, bars and affordable eateries line the commercial strip. There’s a wide variety of eclectic shops and places to be discovered by those with a curious nature.

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The lifestyle:
Laid back and unpretentious.

Enjoying your evenings and easing into your mornings make up the daily rhythms here. Residents tend to be socially conscious and politically involved, but also not to take themselves too seriously.

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The market:
A variety of housing options.

Adams Morgan’s attractive rowhouses, pre-war apartment buildings, and newer loft apartments have grown in value as the neighborhood has evolved. Affordable apartment options are still aplenty in many larger buildings and condos.

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You'll fall in love with:
The diverse culture and endless distractions.

Those who want a full urban experience but appreciate eye-catching architecture and a proximity to green space will feel at home here. Trying new foods, listening to new music and making new friends keeps this neighborhood constantly humming.

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