Welcome to Mill Valley

Nestled at the base of Mt. Tamalpais, which watches over the Pacific Ocean and the entire Bay Area, Mill Valley is a family-friendly paradise and a jumping-off point for mountain sports enthusiasts.

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sports, family-friendly, pricey, views, secluded


Commute Times
San Francisco 35m by car
Oakland 45m by car
Silicon Valley 75m by car

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Mill valley:
Adventures abound in this easy-to-commute Marin County hideaway.

Mill Valley is a destination for cycling enthusiasts and hikers alike who bring extra life here on weekends while locals scope out the less dense trails and cozy up with friends at buzzy coffee shops in town.

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What to expect:
Active neighbors and a bustle of families and bikers at local shops.

Residents in Mill Valley tend to be active and love spending time outside, whether it’s watering the garden, washing the car or hitting the trails. Bound together by a welcoming sense of community, Mill Valley has ample space to feel relaxed and at home.

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The lifestyle:
Outdoorsy, upscale and friendly, Mill Valley has relaxed mountain-life vibes.

Homes here are on the expensive end, though they’re not the most expensive in the Bay Area, and the leafy green neighborhoods make for a quiet, upscale lifestyle perfect for those who prefer Saturdays spent outside with the family over late-night bar hopping.

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Unexpected appeal:
Families, teens and cyclists gather at the Depot in the center of town before tackling local adventures.

The natural wonders that surround Mill Valley are some of the best in the Bay Area. Meandering hikes and intense mountain bike trails are simply part of the landscape here and only steps out the door for many locals, who take complete advantage of the stunning views and clean air as much as they can.

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The market:
High-end and undisturbed, properties here range from small hunter’s cottages to mountainside mansions.

With median home prices at about $1.5 million, Mill Valley has some of the Bay’s most appealing homes, including estates tucked away along winding, wooded lanes, old hunting cabins, and condos closer to the city center. With the commute to San Francisco relatively close and easy access to the ocean and gorgeous mountainside views, it’s hard not to feel settled here.

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You'll fall in love with:
A casual, active way of life that just can’t be helped in a town surrounded by nature.

Though Mill Valley is a pricey locale, welcoming community vibes aren’t deterred, and neighbors offer friendly smiles and catch up over coffee in town. At its heart, it’s a small mountain town tucked into one of the most beautiful corners of the country and near busy urban centers that are easily accessible — but still feel a million miles away.

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