Welcome to Larkspur

Popular with city commuters and families alike, Larkspur is a haven for anyone seeking a slower, greener pace of life without losing access to downtown delights and a vibrant neighborhood scene.

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commute, suburban, historical downtown, redwoods


Commute Times
San Francisco 45m by car
Oakland 35m by car

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The commutable town that has everything you want — and delights you didn’t even know you’d love.

Larkspur is the epitome of a quaint Marin town, with families strolling along the charming and dynamic Magnolia Avenue and neighborhoods sharing backyard space with massive hundred-year-old redwoods.

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What to expect:
A vibrant downtown with options for everyone and homes set back amongst the trees.

Larkspur’s downtown is perfect for low-key Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings out, with casual fare or upscale dining, bustling neighborhood cafes serving chatty clientele, and local shops designed to enchant residents old and new.

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The lifestyle:
Quiet, peaceful and quaint for those seeking an escape from urban living.

You’ll discover a unique restfulness in Larkspur, a town that offers easy ferry access to the city but is equally as capable of shutting out all the noise and enticing you with a tree-shaded backyard or for a glass of local wine downtown.

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Unexpected appeal:
A welcoming neighborly feel in an unexpected location.

In many bedroom communities, you won’t find much charm, but Larkspur is in a different category altogether, managing to maintain a historical downtown that’s remained relatively unchanged despite modern development in the area. Here, neighbors gather for movies in the park in the summer and for walks along vibrant Magnolia Avenue all year long.

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The market:
Famous for its access to San Francisco, but beloved for its secluded residences, Larkspur is a lovely contradiction.

A quick ferry ride to the city makes this neighborhood appealing to those looking to make the commute, and there are plenty of housing options for everyone, including condos close to town and hillside properties hidden beneath the gentle shade of their arboreal neighbors. Median prices are high at $1.6 million, but not the highest in the area.

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You'll fall in love with:
The timeless charm of a small town and the vibrancy of a connected community.

Larkspur is ideal for families longing to escape urban life and discover the pearls of Marin living: fresh air, green bike paths, roads that wind through serene redwoods, and coffee with friends and neighbors.

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