Welcome to Ross

Ross is a lovely, high-priced neighborhood in Marin County with plenty of privacy and space for the family to relax at home or gather at Ross Common on the weekends for soccer games and a sense of community.

Key Details


pricey, secluded, landscaped gardens, prvacy, community, family-friendly, outdoorsy


Commute Times
San Francisco 25m by car
Silicon Valley 60m by car

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Gorgeous landscaped gardens and less development mean more peace and quiet.

Ross is a family’s paradise, with plenty of fresh air and space to plant roots in a relaxed atmosphere, and all in a supportive, tight-knit community.

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What to expect:
Large residences with ample space and a family-oriented vibe.

Homes in Ross can be among the largest in Marin, many complete with classic tennis courts, resplendent pools and gated front drives, but the neighbors here are intensely dedicated to gathering together for school and other local events.

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The lifestyle:
It’s easy to join the community in this small neighborhood and escape to nature.

Community is the key word to describe tiny Ross, but hiking and biking and sailing adventures extend beyond this tiny village — to the Bay, Mt. Tamalpais and beyond — to keep a family busy on the weekends.

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Unexpected appeal:
The location is convenient with near-perfect weather and outdoor fun close by.

Location is key in this small hamlet, where you’re less than an hour to the city, the sun shines most of the year, the temperatures are mild in the winter and warmer than the cool coast in the summer. It’s easy to find yourself wandering the trails of Mt. Tam on any given weekend with the whole family.

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The market:
Ross is definitely pricey, though it comes with safety and privacy that rival other Marin County neighborhoods.

The median home price here is $2 million, and there are a number of sweeping estates that are worth much more. But the location, the safe, winding streets and all the privacy this small town offers make Ross unique, even among the county’s other gorgeous neighborhoods.

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You'll fall in love with:
Long strolls in the evening on quiet, lush lanes under the fading California sun.

Ross is one of the most secluded neighborhoods in the county, and it’s one of the smallest. If you love a sense of community and a village feel with the excitement of nature and the city, both just steps away, you’ll fall in love with Ross.

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