Welcome to North End

A bustling historic district with Italian heritage. This neighborhood is a foodie favorite and boasts waterfront parks.

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Commute Times
South Station 18m by train, 10m by car
North Station 13m by train, 12m by car
Boston Commons 12m by train, 10m by car
Harvard Square 25m by train, 20m by car
Nearest Transit
  • OL-02
  • GLC-02
  • GL D-02
  • GLE-02
  • T-02
  • BL-02
  • amtrak-02
Nearby Neighborhoods Charlestown, Beacon Hill, Waterfront

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North end:
A bustling historic district with Italian heritage.

As one of the earliest settlements in the city of Boston, the North End has a strong colonial history. Paul Revere began his infamous ride here, launching the Revolutionary War. As a high-traffic spot on Boston’s Freedom Trail, the neighborhood streets teem with visitors drawn by historic sites and rich Italian dishes.

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What to expect:
A lively neighborhood that celebrates its roots.

Those lucky enough to call the North End home join a community that celebrates day-to-day life just as they might the feast of a saint. Leisure time invites residents over to Christopher Columbus Park for a game of frisbee or for a walk along neighboring harbor waterfront.

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The lifestyle:
Urban dolce vita.

North Enders pursue the sweet life, Italian-style. A strong cappuccino and animated conversation starts each day; a pizza bianca and Pellegrino marks its middle; and pasta Bolognese with a few glasses of Chianti ends it.

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Sweet tooth? It can take a lifetime to try all the flavors of cannoli at the famous Mike’s Pastry. The North End’s cafes and restaurants draw residents and visitors alike.
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Unexpected appeal:
History at every turn.

The path of the Freedom Trail, a popular Revolutionary War walking tour, winds through many of the neighborhood’s streets before continuing further afield.

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The market:
Condominiums and smaller, family-owned apartment buildings.

Single family homes are rare in the North End, which has a more urban and accessible feel than most Boston neighborhoods. Apartments are often perched above cafes and businesses and tend to be more intimate than spacious. Come to the North End for the lively community and rich restaurant scene, you will find larger homes elsewhere in the city. Street parking is notoriously difficult.

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You'll fall in love with:
The endless array of eateries and food markets.

Every day brings a new dish or culinary delight. Fresh produce is showcased each weekend at the Haymarket, the famed farmer’s stand outside historic Faneuil Hall. The heralded recent addition of the year-round Boston Public Market brings the locally grown and produced wares of dozens of New England purveyors, from butchers to cheesemongers to specialty pasta makers.

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