Welcome to Ditmas Park

This jaw-droppingly beautiful hood seems almost too good to be true: a charming suburb inside city limits, with a warm, diverse community and one of the country’s richest concentrations of Victorian architecture. If big porches, friendly neighbors, and a short commute to Manhattan are on your wish list, you can have it all in Ditmas Park.

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Commute Times
Columbus Circle 42m. by train, 49m. by car
Grand Central 40m. by train, 41m. by car
Union Square 34m. by train, 41m. by car
Wall Street 30m. by train, 31m. by car
East to West Ocean Ave. to Coney Island Ave.
North to South Cortelyou Rd. to Newkirk Ave.
Nearby Neighborhoods Flatbush, Park Slope, Prospect Heights

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Ditmas park:
South Brooklyn’s secret suburb.

This small neighborhood remained a patch of farmland until the early 1890s, when the introduction of rail lines connecting Brooklyn and New York attracted developers. Lewis H. Pounds was Ditmas Park’s pioneer, building a slew of detached single-homes meant to evoke a pastoral, upper-class nabe for city workers. Over a century later, it remains one of the region’s most attractive places to live.

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What to expect:
An immaculately preserved historic neighborhood nestled in Brooklyn’s lap.

Many visitors to Ditmas Park think they’ve somehow missed their train stop and accidentally landed in some picturesque New England town. The smell of fresh-baked goods, the sight of neighbors in rocking chairs on wide porches, and the amazing specimens of early 20th century Victorian architecture seem incongruous with city living. Yet the main avenues are chockablock with shops and restaurants, and Manhattan is just a 30-minute MTA ride away.

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The lifestyle:
A mix of newcomers and longtime residents enjoy open skies, spacious streets, and chill bars.

Ditmas Park is home to families that have been here for generations; houses can be hard to come by since many residents stay here for life. An influx of younger families and professionals has breathed new life into these bucolic streets, which now boast popular spots like Sycamore, The Farm on Adderley, and Bar Chord. In spite of the changes, it remains a place where neighbors borrow a cup of sugar or trade tips on gardening and raising kids.

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Unexpected appeal:
Ditmas Park is big on ritual: every Halloween, this hood suits up like no other.

Given its deep roots, this remains a neighborhood committed to tradition. Residents in the historic district are known for their progressive dinners, in which different courses of a meal are served at multiple houses. Plus, no one does Halloween like Ditmas Park, when the old Victorian mansions get spooky with cobwebs, carved pumpkins, and ornate, ghostly decorations.

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The market:
A staggering array of Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, and neo-Tudor style homes.

In contrast to Brooklyn’s brownstone-dominated neighborhoods, Ditmas Park boasts streets packed with eclectic styles; no two houses look alike. Architectural tourists swarm to avenues like Rugby Road, Westminster Road, and Marlborough Road, where houses can boast up to 9 bedrooms and details like multiple fireplaces, gables, turrets and stained-glass windows. In addition to the Colonial Revivals and Queen Annes, you’ll find Craftsman bungalows and other styles.

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You'll fall in love with:
A destination that combines an authentic heartland vibe with Instagram-worthy urban amenities.

Many families, once they land a home in Ditmas Park, never leave. It’s a testament to the incomparable appeal of a city neighborhood that has the feel of a traditional, picture-perfect, tree-lined village miles outside of downtown. This is Main Street America in New York City, replete with architectural beauty and neighborly warmth.

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