Welcome to Financial District

Fast-paced during the day and calm and clear at night, the Financial District is both a bustling financial hub and a residential catch. Convenient transportation, a reasonably-priced rental market, and fun attractions like South Street Seaport and the Brooklyn Bridge make FiDi a great neighborhood to call home.

Key Details


tourist attraction, great public transit, 4/5/6 train, bang for your buck, pet-friendly, high-rises, townhouses, soaring skyscrapers, business district, congested, lots of outdoor spaces, great for families, 1/2/3 train, affordable


Commute Times
Columbus Circle 29m by train, 27m by car
Grand Central 22m by train, 21m by car
Union Square 19m by train, 13m by car
Wall Street 15m by train, 2m by car
Nearest Subways
  • 4 train
  • 5 train
  • 6 train
  • 1 train
  • 2 train
  • 3 train
  • n train
  • r train
  • e train
  • j train
East to West East River to West St.
North to South Frankfort St. to State St.
Nearby Neighborhoods Battery Park City, Tribeca, Chinatown, and the Lower East Side.

Around the Block

The financial district:
A bustling hub for business and commerce.

The Financial District is one of the most historic neighborhoods in Manhattan, and the pulse of our nation’s financial markets. Castle Clinton was America’s first immigration station. Stone Street, the cobblestone alley known for its restaurants, is considered the first paved street in the city, and the Charging Bull statue in front of Bowling Green is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

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What to expect:
Great views, high-rises buildings, and New Yorkers who enjoy the beauty of living on the edge of Manhattan.

The Financial District feels like an urban oasis as it sits at the confluence of the Hudson and East River.
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Parts of the area seem more like a sleepy coastal town instead of a major metropolitan area.
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The area is also popular with pet-owners; many high-rise buildings have liberal pet policies that allow animal lovers to cohabitate with their four-legged friends hassle-free.
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The lifestyle:
Congested weekdays due to the 9-to-5 hustle, and easygoing nights and weekends along the water.

During the day, the Financial District is crowded as New Yorkers travel to work at this major commerce center.
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Lunch-time is it’s own special beast in the Financial District. Lines spill out onto the sidewalk for fast, take-out options like Chop’t and Shake Shack. Others have power meals at old-fashioned steak houses like Delmonico’s.
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During the lunch hour, benches and sidewalk tables are filled with people eager to take advantage of a break in the day to enjoy food, conversation, and the outdoors.
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In the evening, the after-work crowds wind down at local bars and take advantage of happy-hour specials across the neighborhood.
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During the weekend, the neighborhood moves at a much slower pace. Locations like South Street Seaport or Fulton Market are popular destinations for dining, drinking or just sitting outside.
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The Financial District is also a popular tourist destination because of historic and cultural landmarks across the neighborhood.
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The area has been through tough times in recent years in the aftermath of 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy, but has always bounced back due to the perseverance of the local community. The resilience of The Financial District remains a continuing source of pride for New Yorkers across the five boroughs.
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The market:
Great value in luxury and high-rise buildings.

With a mix of walk-ups and luxury buildings, FiDi has a wealth of quality real-estate options for a variety of budgets.
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Over the past decade, a boom of luxury conversion buildings sprung up in the FiDi. Just across from Battery Park City, high-rise apartments offer doorman security with all the trimmings.
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You'll fall in love with:
The architecture: glossy skyscrapers and cobblestone streets set against breathtaking ocean views.

In the Financial District, seemingly conflicting architecture combines to create one of the most beautiful skylines in the city. Sleek, towering skyscrapers loom as an impressive reminder of the city’s commercial might.
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On other blocks, you’ll find meticulously laid cobblestone streets that look like they’ve been lifted from a classic New York City postcard.
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All in all, there’s so much to behold in the Financial District. Grab a seat and enjoy the view.
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