Welcome to Red Hook

A tight-knit, creative community has brought new life to this spacious industrial waterfront district with visible history and an edge-of-the-world feel.

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creative, community, industrial, spacious, historic, on the water, views, unpretentious, art scene, independent businesses


Commute Times
Atlantic Terminal 31m. by train, 14m. by car
Grand Central 51m. by train, 25m. by car
Union Square 46m. by train, 27m. by car
Wall Street 42m. by train, 15m. by car
Nearest Subways
  • g train
  • f train
East to West Gowanus Canal to Buttermilk Channel
North to South Gowanus Expy. to Upper New York Bay
Nearby Neighborhoods Carroll Gardens, Gowanus, Columbia St. Waterfront District

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Red hook:
From a thriving port to a spirited pocket of creativity.

Named for the red earth and shape of the land, Red Hook saw its first European settlers in the 1600s. Dutch mills gave way to a thriving port in the mid 19th century. The boom lasted until the 1960s when a change in shipping techniques ushered in an era of decline. Its current renaissance has been driven by people who value its physical isolation: creatives who have cultivated an almost small-town feel as they bring their passion projects to life.

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What to expect:
A tight-knit creative community revitalizing an old industrial and shipping center.

Few people come to Red Hook for the convenience, so those who live or build businesses here are all in. From the friendly team at Hometown BBQ to exceptional arts programming at the Pioneer Works cultural center, there’s a lot of pride and support to go around, making it a rewarding place to live.

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The lifestyle:
Quiet and laid back — a world away from downtown hustle and impersonal service.

The antithesis of the nonstop New York stereotype, Red Hook’s cafes close when you should probably stop drinking coffee, and you’ll get personal service that isn’t in a hurry. There’s room for a few major conveniences like Fairway and Ikea — complete with parking lots. For live music and affordable drinks, there’s always Sunny’s, an iconic waterfront spot that’s been around in some form since the 1890s.

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Unexpected appeal:
The industrial blocks are home to hidden gems, from handmade popsicles to gorgeous cocktail bars.

Much of the neighborhood is still industrial and it’s easy to skip over these parts. Take the time to look and you’ll find small business dotted in between. One day you might stumble upon a daring florist, the next a candlelit event space hosting brunch.

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The market:
Unique spaces and limited inventory.

The volume of available residences is low, but the neighborhood’s long history and individual, entrepreneurial spirit has left its mark with a variety of home styles from different eras. Recently, some extraordinary new condos and super luxe townhouses have dramatically increased the area’s median home value.

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You'll fall in love with:
Waterfront living: ferries, views and sunsets.

The views (and sunsets) from the old piers are hard to beat. Another perk of waterfront living: the city’s subsidized ferry service has expanded over the past few years, bringing new transport options to the area.

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