Welcome to Woodside

Woodside is a peaceful neighborhood in western Queens known for its multi-level homes, affordable apartments, pubs, and small town appeal. This neighborhood has a rich history of inclusiveness and tradition.

Key Details


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Commute Times
Columbus Circle 31m. by train, 38m. by car
Grand Central 33m. by train, 33m by car
Union Square 36m. by train, 43m. by car
Wall Street 50m. by train, 43m. by car
Nearest Subways
  • 7 train
  • m train
  • r train
East to West The Brooklyn Queens Expy. to 49th St.
North to South The Grand Central Pkwy. to the Brooklyn Queens Expy.
Nearby Neighborhoods Astoria, Sunnyside, Jackson Heights

Around the Block

A charming stomping ground trapped in time.

Woodside has always been an urban suburb for Manhattan. It’s accessibility to the city is a major draw but if you investigate the neighborhood, you’ll discover vintage establishments and popular local pubs.

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What to expect:
A leisurely pace of life, beloved institutions, and great transit to the city and greater New York area.

Woodside is a timeless neighborhood with classic restaurants and an air of yesteryear. From traditional Irish pubs below the elevated 7 train to manicured front lawns, these neighbors have cultivated their community’s hardworking soul into a local ambiance.

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The lifestyle:
A neighborhood that is unapologetically vintage New York.

In Woodside, you might catch a pickup game of basketball at one of the local playgrounds or spot a neighbor feeding the pigeons. Woodside offers a quaint alternative for those more attuned to small town lifestyle. There is a no frills vibe and slower tempo to be appreciated.

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Unexpected appeal:
Hidden gems beneath the elevated train.

This neighborhood is a pub crawler’s dream with an abundance of bars including new and traditional. Fill your belly with a row of some of the city’s best authentic food stops.

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The market:
As the neighborhood gains popularity, the mid price points are rising, but there are still high vacancy rates.

In Woodside, the prices are mid-range but have increased in recent years. Most buildings are Tudor style multi-family homes with a backyard. New luxury co-ops have sprung up, but you’ll find more space and affordable options in central Woodside near Broadway and 61st St.

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You'll fall in love with:
Convenience and connectivity to the rest of New York.

Woodside’s proximity to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, Grand Central Parkway, and Long Island Railroad, provides residents who love to travel easy access to Long Island’s Fire Island, North Fork, and Hamptons. Buses also make a trip to Rockaway Beach a cinch.

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