Welcome to Kirkland

If you are looking for a home where you have the space to stretch, then Kirkland is the place for you. With its tree-lined streets and beautifully-kept public waterfront parks, this particular suburb of Seattle has a luxurious, charming allure all its own.

Key Details


waterfront, boating, parks, trails, casual

Around the Block


Kirkland’s name comes from Peter Kirk, an English industrialist who came in the 1880’s to establish his vision of a steel manufacturing town. Although the steel business never took off due to the financial crisis of 1893, Kirkland did eventually become very successful in the wool milling and ship building industries. Today, Kirkland boasts a thriving economy and A+ amenities.

What to expect:
A community-centered, waterfront neighborhood, with a relaxed attitude.

Kirkland is a place that has leisure right. Any day of the week, its residents can be found on and around the water, kayaking, paddleboarding, or grabbing lunch on the docks. This neighborhood has been described as “a Pacific Northwest beach town”, and offers an impressive number of small, boutique shops and a wide selection of award-winning wineries, bars, and tasting rooms to explore. You’ll never be at a loss for relaxing activities here.

The lifestyle:
This sleepy city may not be as sleepy as you think.

Kirkland enjoys a thriving economy, with branches of many notable companies making it their home. Commercial residents include Tableau, Microsoft, Google, and IBM. For those who commute, downtown Seattle is a mere half-hour away via the 520 bridge. Families with children will enjoy access to the Lake Washington and Northshore school districts, both of which have been ranked in the top ten districts in the state of Washington, based on high test scores and college data.

Unexpected appeal:
Kirkland prioritizes the enjoyment of the waterfront for all.

In fact, 25% of beachfront property along Lake Washington is encapsulated by an extensive and well-maintained public parks system. Marina Park is a wonderful place to bring a dog, catch the sunset, and maybe even spot a bald eagle. After a relaxed day sunning on the docks, be sure to stop by Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen on Lake Street. Fans of this authentically Thai, cafe-esque restaurant can’t seem to find enough superlatives to describe it. The best way to enjoy is to go family-style with a couple of friends, and try as many dishes as you can. Or else, don’t forget to peruse “The Alley” Art and Wine Walk, hosted every second Thursday of the month. With local art, live music, and award-winning wine produced in the region, need we say more?

You'll fall in love with:
Have your weekend, all week long.

You'll love Kirkland if you’re a weekend warrior who loves to explore trails and the waterfront on the weekends, but enjoy easy access to Seattle. You like to get to know your neighbors, and appreciate having the ability to take it slow and savor every moment.