Welcome to Alameda

Sandwiched between San Francisco and Oakland, this island has near-perfect weather, neighborhood charm and some of the best views in the Bay Area.

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communities, families, casual, cottages, victorians


Commute Times
Oakland 10m by car
San Francisco 30m by car
East to West San Leandro to the East and San Francisco Bay to the West
North to South Oakland to the North and San Francisco Bay to the West

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A town between two cities, Alameda has so much to offer.

Nestled between downtown San Francisco and downtown Oakland, Alameda has its own escapist charm without losing any of the convenience.

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What to expect:
Sunshine and historical architecture define this little island on the San Francisco Bay.

With a picturesque downtown, Alameda’s allure comes from its many pre-1930s homes and buildings lining leafy streets. You won’t find too much nightlife here, but instead, you’ll find lots of community events and plenty of open space.

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The lifestyle:
Laid back with small-town vibes so strong, it’s easy to forget you’re so close to two major metropoles.

Alameda is casual and family-friendly, and when you’re stretched out on the state beach, taking in views of San Francisco in the distance, you’ll feel as far from urban busyness as possible. This little island is ideal for anyone who wants to get to know their neighbors.

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Unexpected appeal:
Proximity to the city for those who need it but enough space for a backyard barbeque.

While it may not have it have a non-stop nightlife scene, Alameda is close to the Bay Area’s major cities, and it’s also home to its own Spirits Alley, an old naval base where breweries, wineries, distilleries and food trucks have taken up shop in massive hangers with unbeatable city views.

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The market:
Alameda has a plethora of historical options, from quaint single-family cottages to gorgeous Victorians.

Alameda’s small-town charm is growing in popularity, and with its cottages, beautiful Victorians and other classic homes on quiet streets, it’s easy to see why. With the median home price approaching $1 million, this island’s reputation is catching on.

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You'll fall in love with:
The relaxed attitude of this small town where you can escape the stresses of the city.

Alameda is the perfect place for families looking to claim a little bit of space, and for anyone who appreciates a slower pace — at least on the weekends — and, of course, a gorgeous sunny day.

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