Welcome to Arlington

Arlington is a true American success story, teaching other older suburbs how to reimagine themselves as walkable and livable urban spaces. Today Arlington has a youthful vigor and an exciting mix of families and singles, traditional homes and loft spaces atop retail, and new restaurants and bars that even residents of the District will cross the river for.

Key Details


Commute Times
Metro Center 20m by train, 14m by car
Union Station 34m by train, 17m by car
Dupont Circle 34m by train, 12m by car
Reagan National Airport 34m by train, 12m by car
Nearest Metro
  • yellow line
  • blue line
  • silver line
  • orange line
Nearby Neighborhoods McLean, Seven Corners, Falls Church

Around the Block

Eclectic diversions, global beats and a youthful mix.

Arlington was a part of DC until 1846, when it was given back to the state of Virginia. Named after General Robert E. Lee’s home that would become our national cemetery during the Civil War, the community of Arlington was later built along the trolley line from Washington. The area's commercial corridor was revitalized by strategic development around the Metro, and has become a trailblazing model of how to transform older suburbs into pedestrian-friendly, vital places.

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What to expect:
Plenty of work, commuting and entertainment options.

Arlington is just across the river from Georgetown and connected to D.C. by two metro lines and several highways. It is easy to navigate and bike and dog friendly, with wide and ample sidewalks and bike lanes. Arlington also has professional and entertainment opportunities, from federal government and non-profit offices to a nearby tech corridor, as well as major retail and restaurant developments.

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The lifestyle:
Exploring the retail options and the outdoors.

Residents appreciate the availability of major national retail chains, but there are a number of independent and unique stores and restaurants that give Arlington its character. The suburbs of DC are where many call home, and where some of the best ethnic eateries and mom and pop shops can be found. There are a number of biking and sporting good stores and access to popular trails like the Mount Vernon Trail and the Washington & Old Dominion Trail.
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The market:
A mixture of older homes and apartments with newer construction combining residence and retail.

There are many housing options available throughout Arlington. Significant new construction has added luxury apartment options just steps away from retail.
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You'll fall in love with:
The energy and ease of life outside the city.

The amenities in many new buildings, from modern appliances to gyms and pools, provide all the luxuries and conveniences you could want.
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DC is just over the river and always accessible, but you’ll often find yourself visiting your local haunts close to home, where meeting new people is extremely easy.
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With a wide variety of houses and apartment buildings and several different neighborhoods to choose from, Arlington has the place to suite any taste.
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