Welcome to Riverside

Called Riverside because the Mianus River serves as its border to the west, this Greenwich neighborhood was once a small fishing and oystering village. Today, it’s a sought-after New York City suburb for house-hunters seeking a serene outpost less than an hour from midtown.

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sailing, waterfront, quiet, residential, affluent, historic, quaint


Commute Times
Grand Central 50m. by train, 75m. by car
LGA 45m. by car
Westchester County Airport 25m. by car
East to West Binney Park to the Mianus River
North to South Palmer Hill Road to the Long Island Sound
Nearby Neighborhoods Cos Cob, Stamford, Old Greenwich

Around the Block

A sleepy, almost wholly residential Greenwich neighborhood.

During the 1930s and 1940s, when houses began cropping up on large leafy lots, this neighborhood had some of the highest real estate values in the area. Today, the waterfront community is still wealthy, but buyers can find an impressive variety of options—both in housing styles and price points.

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What to expect:
Winding roads, gorgeous coastline, and just enough convenience.

Along Riverside Avenue, you’ll find the neighborhood coffee shop as well as curving side streets that radiate out toward the water—either the Long Island Sound or the Mianus River. Riverside Commons, farther north on Putnam Ave. has a grocery store and post office as well as a handful of national chains like Chipotle and CVS.

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The lifestyle:
Peaceful, with a small-town vibe.

Though Riverside has just over 8,400 inhabitants packed into approximately two square miles, the neighborhood offers slightly larger wooded lots and more room to breathe than in Old Greenwich next door. Residents enjoy the quiet and drive to the adjacent towns for more shopping and entertainment options.

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Unexpected appeal:
A rare, ornate bridge that’s steeped in history.

Providing passage above the railroad tracks, the 19th-century cast-iron trusses of Riverside Avenue Bridge have earned this antique beauty a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. The bridge was actually built in Stratford in 1871 and moved to Riverside a few years before the turn of the century.

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The market:
Stark differences in pricing between the north and south.

Interstate 95 is the dividing line. The massive estates between it and the Long Island Sound typically start around $2 million. (A waterfront listing with a private beach in a gated neighborhood could run over $10 million.) Above the highway, you might find an early 20th-century cottage or colonial for under $1 million.

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You'll fall in love with:
The serene and scenic harbor.

Along with panoramic views of the Long Island Sound, the coast is home to Riverside Yacht Club. Established in 1888, it is the second oldest club of its type in Connecticut. It hosts major regattas during the summer and offers sailing lessons for all ages.

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