Welcome to Pinecrest

The most coveted, traditional suburb in Miami-Dade County, Pinecrest is the land of white picket fences, tightly-manicured lawns, sculpted shrubbery, and multi-acre home lots. Law and zoning enforcement here are ironclad, resulting in a peaceful and orderly community where rocking the boat is uniformly frowned upon. For fun, many residents simply hop on a bike and ride around the neighborhood’s secluded streets, ogling some of the largest and most beautiful houses in the southeast United States.

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Commute Times
Downtown Miami 35m by car
Ft. Lauderdale 60m by car
East to West 57th Ave to US1
North to South Ludlam Road to Old Cutler Road
Nearby Neighborhoods Coral Gables, Coconut Grove

Around the Block

Beautiful homes, pristine parks, and family-friendly lifestyle.

Pinecrest was first founded as a staging area during the construction of Overseas Highway, the famous road that connects the Florida Keys to the mainland. As Miami expanded outward throughout the suburban boom of the 1960s, Pinecrest rose in popularity among people who wanted to live away from the hectic city center. The area is known for amazing tennis, schools, and overall serenity.

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What to expect:
Low speed limits and high property values, sunny suburban parks with playgrounds, and homes with gated driveways.

The main thoroughfare in Pinecrest is US1, which offers grocery stores, car dealerships, and strip malls. Off from the beaten path, you’ll find serpentine roads that reveal private streets, long driveways, and elusive mansions. Pinecrest’s tight landscaping regulation means a uniform cast of gorgeous man-made greenery. The area has room to spare, and you’ll never feel crowded or boxed-in.

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The lifestyle:
Biking, Little League, trips to the farmer’s market, and family picnics.

Enjoy a game of tennis while the kids play sports at Dante Fascell Park, check out a kayak and have fun in the bay at nearby Matheson Hammock on Old Cutler Road, and stroll under the shaded tropical canopies at Pinecrest Gardens before a wine tasting and a jazz concert in the amphitheater. Pinecrest actively promotes a serene atmosphere, and for those who prefer calm, there’s no better place in Miami. For the kids, this is a prime area for little-league sports and organized recreation.

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The market:
Moderate-sized homes interspersed with sprawling estates.

Featuring massive lots and generous square footage, Pinecrest is home to the priciest mansions in the county. Architecture varies wildly, as many of these houses were custom-built for their owners and vary from neo-Colonial plantations to Mediterranean Revival estates. Modest Florida-style properties can be found for lower prices as well.

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You'll fall in love with:
Impeccable cleanliness, harmonious order, and eye-popping homes and landscaping.

Pinecrest is meticulously designed, and its residents wouldn’t have it any other way.

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