Welcome to East New York

The easternmost neighborhood in Brooklyn has an urban feel that belies its waterfront locale. It has yet to see the much talked about gentrification that’s transforming other parts of the borough.

Key Details


urban, on the water, families, great value, green space, shopping


Commute Times
Atlantic Terminal 29m. by train, 26m. by car
Grand Central 56m. by train, 36m. by car
Union Square 51m. by train, 42m. by car
Wall Street 39m. by train, 40m. by car
Nearest Subways
  • c train
  • j train
  • l train
  • a train
  • 2 train
  • 4 train
East to West 78th St. to Van Sinderen Ave.
North to South Highland Blvd. to Jamaica Bay
Nearby Neighborhoods Canarsie, Brownsville, Crown Heights

Around the Block

East new york:
Once imagined as a competitor to Manhattan, it’s now a residential neighborhood on the rise.

John Pitkin dreamed of transforming farmland into a bustling port city when he purchased and founded East New York in 1825. His plans were complicated by an economic downturn, and he was forced to sell much of the land. Over time, manufacturing jobs did draw workers, but their fortunes fell when industry began to leave the city. Since the 1980s, the area has been on the rise thanks to both legislative changes and the commitment of its dedicated residents.

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What to expect:
An urban mix of business and residence on the verge of gentrification.

The Gateway Center mall, busy commercial streets and small businesses all serve the area, with short residential blocks between. Physically it’s close to parts of Bushwick and Crown Heights, but with respect to gentrification, it’s miles behind, leaving room for unpretentious family-owned restaurants, barbershops and more.

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The lifestyle:
There’s always something bringing people together, from ballgames to greenmarkets.

Concerts, soccer and baseball games, street markets; it’s easy to fill your calendar with events in this bustling community.

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Unexpected appeal:
Plentiful outdoor space, including a waterfront nature preserve.

A number of playgrounds, parks and ballfields mean there’s always somewhere outside to go. The Fresh Creek Nature Preserve has paths through the tidal marsh where you can spot sparrows, egrets, and more.

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The market:
Apartments, condos and single- and multi-family homes, all below the borough’s average prices.

East New York is a big area, with plenty of inventory at a great value for Brooklyn. Developers have their eye on the neighborhood and there’s talk of the market getting hot within the next few years.

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You'll fall in love with:
People who are deeply committed to the neighborhood.

Passionate individuals are continually working to revitalizing East New York. Local cafes host open mic nights, gospel brunches and group meetings. And the neighborhood has more community gardens than any other thanks to East New York Farms, which promotes local sustainable produce and economic development.

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