Welcome to Kensington

New world diversity meets an old school feel in this thoroughly residential area.

Key Details


diverse, quiet, residential, families, old school vibe, spacious, row houses, victorian homes, on the rise


Commute Times
Atlantic Terminal 26m. by train, 18m. by car
Grand Central 50m. by train, 28m. by car
Union Square 41m. by train, 30m. by car
Wall Street 38m. by train, 18m. by car
Nearest Subways
  • b train
  • g train
  • f train
  • q train
East to West Coney Island Ave. to Dayhill Rd.
North to South Fort Hamilton Parkway to Avenue I
Nearby Neighborhoods Prospect Park South, Flatbush - Ditmas Park, Borough Park

Around the Block

British in name only, this area is home to people from around the world.

In the 1850s, Frederick Law Olmsted designed Ocean Parkway and thus began the transformation of this area from farmland to residential, naming the neighborhood after the London borough to give it a feeling of distinction. Today the road still serves, along with Church Ave. and Coney Island Ave., as a major thoroughfare. Housing development accelerated in the 1920s, while the of-the-world feel came at the end of the 20th century.

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What to expect:
Relatively few businesses, a mix of people and home styles, and an old old school feel.

Primarily residential, Kensington offers quiet streets — some with beautiful old Victorians. In between, you’ll find parks, schools, and a slowly evolving mix of businesses on the major thoroughfares. The architecture and slower pace can make it feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

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The lifestyle:
Neighborly and family-oriented, with a patchwork of communities living together.

Myriad families have settled here, bringing traditions with them. The area may be quiet but it’s filled with life. Afternoons are spent playing chess on Ocean Parkway and bars are few and far between.

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Unexpected appeal:
Space in New York City? Yes, it’s possible.

Between the low skyline, multi-level detached homes and apartments that feature true storage space, you’ll relish the breathing room — especially when commuting from the city’s denser neighborhoods.

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The market:
Prepare to be surprised by the square footage that’s suddenly in budget.

From detached Victorian homes to apartment buildings, you’ve got options, with lower prices per square foot than trendier Brooklyn neighborhoods. The southern end of the neighborhood, off Ocean Parkway, has seen an influx of new apartments.

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You'll fall in love with:
Feeling like a citizen of the world.

Residents speak proudly of the incredible diversity, and how much they love being a part of it. The proverbial melting pot? It’s at your front door.

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