Welcome to Jackson Heights

The first garden city community built in America is now home to a smorgasbord of international cuisines, perfect for foodies. It will also appeal to those who love the hustle and bustle of Manhattan but desire a lower price point.

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Commute Times
Columbus Circle 52m. by train, 43m. by car
Grand Central 41m. by train, 38m. by car
Union Square 57m. by train, 45m. by car
Wall Street 59m. by train, 43m. by car
Nearest Subways
  • 7 train
  • e train
  • f train
  • m train
  • r train
East to West Junction Blvd. to 68th St.
North to South Grand Central Pkwy. to Roosevelt Ave.
Nearby Neighborhoods Woodside, Astoria, Elmhurst

Around the Block

Jackson heights:
In Jackson Heights you only need to walk a few blocks to travel around the world.

The heartbeat of Jackson Heights is located along Roosevelt Ave. There you will find a local dining experience rich with worldwide cuisines. This neighborhood resonates with those who are drawn to the variety and excitement often found in big cities but crave a lower price point and a more local vibe.

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What to expect:
A buffet of international cuisines, perfect for foodies.

Step off the Roosevelt Ave. Jackson Heights elevated subway stop and you will find a dense block of international fashion and jewelry stores on 74th St. highlighting the shopping experience. Traditional meals and fresh green markets accommodate residents with a wide ranging palate of flavors.

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The lifestyle:
A dynamic neighborhood that thrives on its eclectic identity.

In Jackson Heights you'll find it all: dense marketplaces, exotic fashion, a vibrant community, and affordable living spaces. There are four subway lines that stop in this neighborhood but they all run along the south border, so you’ll want to bring your bike or plan on walking during your daily commutes.

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Unexpected appeal:
There is a world of cuisines at your fingertips.

Jackson Heights is the definition of a melting pot and nothing proves that more than its menu, with dishes that span the globe.

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The market:
Low price points and high vacancies on pre-war buildings with courtyards.

Jackson Heights’ Tudor-style homes with private driveways can be found sprinkled throughout the neighborhood, while spacious pre-war apartment buildings are available from Roosevelt Ave. to Astoria Blvd.

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You'll fall in love with:
Comprehensive food offerings, Tudor-style homes, and a global vibe.

Whether you prefer to live in the heart of an urban community or off the beaten path, Jackson Heights has you covered. Here you’ll savor obscure dining experiences and never run out of fresh discoveries.

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