Welcome to Rockaway

The ultimate escape from typical city life leads you to the Rockaways, a peninsula with a thriving beach community, wildlife sanctuaries, and a range of properties from condos to shorefront homes.

Key Details


Commute Times
Columbus Circle 87m by train, 52m by car
Grand Central 88m. by train, 44m. by car
Union Square 84m. by train, 47m. by car
Wall Street 79m. by train, 38m. by car
Nearest Subways
  • s train
  • a train
East to West Virginia St. to Breezy Point Tip
North to South Jamaica Bay to the Atlantic Ocean.
Nearby Neighborhoods Mill Basin, Manhattan Beach, Inwood

Around the Block

Resting between Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, New York City’s finest beach is one of its most affordable.

Rockaway is a commuter’s neighborhood that gives its residents a break from the rush of Manhattan and rewards them with beaches and breathtaking views of the horizon on the Atlantic Ocean. The neighborhood is also located closely to JFK International Airport, making it a destination for travellers.

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What to expect:
A secluded oasis that feels more like a charming New England port town but still offers all of the conveniences of living in New York City.

No need to worry about access to Manhattan with trains, buses, and a ferry landing, all ready to sweep you from the dunes to the skyscrapers. Once you arrive in Rockaway, you’ll realize there is nowhere else like it in New York City. The beaches are clean, the boardwalks are abundant with small restaurants and bars, and the Atlantic Ocean is a draw on hot summer days.

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The lifestyle:
Life in the Rockaways is like a vacation; when you live by the water, your biggest problem is the sand between your toes.

Living in the Rockaways gives you a daily excuse to live life leisurely. If you’re not tanning on the beaches at Jacob Riis Park, you can visit the abandoned Art Deco Bathhouse or MoMA installations at Fort Tilden. Or you can head east to Breezy Point Tip for some “me-time.” No matter what you do or how you do it, life moves as fast or as slow as you want here.

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Unexpected appeal:
Accessibility to the city while maintaining a comfortable distance from the crowds.

One thing that New Yorkers can never get enough of is peace and quiet. This is a rarity that can be found in abundance in Rockaway whether you search for it on the beaches or on the front porch of your bungalow.

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The market:
Ocean views, bungalows, and small town appeal swell while prices remain low.

Prices are trending low except in Bell Harbor where waterfront properties and multi-level homes are in high demand. The rest of Rockaway is fairly inexpensive bungalow courts and high rise apartments. New developments of luxury coops and pre-fabricated homes are filling unoccupied lots but land is scarce and long term residents are reluctant to leave.

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You'll fall in love with:
The boardwalk, chill vibes, and beach-centric activities.

The five and a half mile boardwalk stretches from Beach 19th st. to Beach 126th St. Grab a Pina Colada at Connolly’s Bar in Far Rockaway, an arepa from Caracas, and enjoy the salt water and sun. There is plenty of sandy real estate for all.

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