Welcome to Atherton

Atherton is a billionaire’s dream: sparsely populated with more than enough privacy to keep its luxurious modern homes and grand estates secluded and tranquil.

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expensive, prestigious, mansions, estates


Commute Times
San Francisco 45m by car
Silicon Valley 15m by car
San Jose 30m by car

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Exclusive living for Silicon Valley’s wealthiest.

Multi-acre ranches and modern architectural masterpieces peek out behind tall iron gates, ornately-capped brick walls and imposing shrubs in this residential neighborhood beloved by tech giants and international elite.

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What to expect:
Five square miles of wooded estates.

Wind your way through the streets of Atherton — perhaps without seeing a soul, since many homes here are internationally owned or second homes — before pulling into your long gated drive and basking in the genuine peace and quiet.

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The lifestyle:
Sophisticated and private, where isolation is treasured.

Atherton is popular with busy tech execs and international billionaires, and so the charm of the neighborhood is more in its grand estates and leafy drives than community block parties or neighborhood gatherings.

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Unexpected appeal:
Atherton is entirely residential, which makes it particularly cordoned off.

When Atherton feels too sleepy or you’re craving a night out, head to nearby Menlo Park with other locals for your choice of fine dining and lazy-day shopping.

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The market:
Sky-high prices and extravagant luxury.

Atherton is the most expensive zip code in America, with median home prices above $6 million. Here, even small ranches and fixer-uppers go for multiple millions of dollars with the grandest of estates selling for well above that.

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You'll fall in love with:
Quiet and safety in a town so close to the center of Silicon Valley.

Homes in Atherton have the sense of being their own stunning and private havens, and the police department is lauded for maintaining this secluded community with safety and comfort at heart.

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