Welcome to Novato

A quiet sanctuary at the northern edge of Marin County, commutable Novato offers reasonable access to the city in one direction and the relaxed leisure of wine country in the other, with homes and family-friendly neighborhoods, establishing Novato as one of the best values in Marin County.

Key Details


families, quiet, estates, waterfront, convenient, great schools


Commute Times
San Francisco 60m by car
Oakland 75m by car

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This neighborhood’s rolling hills and sun-soaked valleys offers the best value in all of Marin County.

On any given day in Novato, you’ll find families playing in the park, groups biking the nearby trails, and friends having a laugh over a casual wine tasting in town. This is the place to be for peace and tranquility without leaving the Bay Area, and vibrant shopping, culture and restaurants when you want them.

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What to expect:
Peace and quiet, with enough shopping and culture to keep you busy on the weekends.

At its heart, Novato is quiet living. Far enough from the city to get great value for your home and as much sunshine as you can stand, it’s a place to settle in and sip a glass of local wine in your backyard or hit the town for a delicious bite to eat with the family.

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The lifestyle:
Casual and family-friendly, Novato has that small-town feeling without actually being a small town.

Novato backs up to farm country, and has thus absorbed some of that down-home charm residents in Northern California love, but it doesn’t take much for this neighborhood’s downtown and shopping centers to come alive on the weekends, or on Tuesday evening during the farmers’ market, or for the annual art and wine festival.

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Unexpected appeal:
Novato is the gateway to California’s wine country, which adds a dollop of panache to an already-lovely downtown.

While this may not be the place to live if you’re looking for a nonstop nightlife, Novato has it all in terms of upscale shopping and eating while still maintaining its welcoming, sunny-day vibes.

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The market:
Homes vary in Novato, from horse-country estates to waterfront living to single-story bungalows.

The market is diverse here, with a range of living options available for all tastes. There’s a waterfront with Bay-accessible homes on the lagoons of Bel Marin Keys, farm estates with space for horses deeper in the gold-laden countryside, and ranch-style homes nestled into Novato’s friendly neighborhoods.

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You'll fall in love with:
Ample space to stretch your legs in your backyard or on the trails, all while basking in the brilliant sunshine.

The weather here is near-perfect, and as you step out your back door every morning, you’ll be hugged by its enchanting warmth. Novato is a spacious respite, ideal after a long day at work and for spending the weekends outside enjoying nature’s splendour. Here, you don’t have to go far to do that.

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