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Sue Mathys

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson | Licensed as Susanne Mathys-Huerzeler

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Additionally to English, Sue is fluent in Swiss German, German and French

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Selling and buying Real Estate in New York City can be a complex, challenging and long process. Balancing the emotional and rational aspects of it, finding the synergy of reality and vision in order to make effective and wise decisions for your future are key. Having professional representation will save you time and nerves. Whether representing you as a buyer or a seller, Sue Mathys is a dynamic and hands on, experienced consultant known for her diligence, integrity, high work ethic and her unwavering allegiance to her clients. She’s a creative force dedicated to fulfilling your visions and needs, a skilled negotiator, communicator and marketing expert with a deep knowledge of the multifaceted local NYC Real Estate Market and its data.

Sue fell in love with this exciting city in the 1980’s, and made it her life center in 2007. Born and raised in Switzerland, she has worked and lived in many cities across Europe and the United States, gaining international recognition as an award-winning stage actor and singer, producer and activist. After decades of devoting her talents to the theatre she has committed that same zeal to empowering and collaborating with her Real Estate clients; and does so effortlessly in English, her native Swiss German, German or French. Coming from a family of architects and having bought, sold and rented properties both in Europe and the US, Sue has a thorough understanding of all real estate ownership entails – the investment part, the construction and design part, the profound meaning of HOME, and the impact this sale has on your life.

As your real estate partner, Sue fosters trust and maintains transparent communication, paying close attention to every detail, guiding you with compassion, advocating on your behalf with business acumen and intuition, while safeguarding everybody’s sense of humor in the process, until you’ve reached your goal.

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"Sue Mathys sold my condo apartment in Hamilton Heights, Manhattan, in less than 3 months! This didn't happen just because of good luck but because of Sue's extraordinary due diligence, efficiency and her great experience in the NYC real estate market. I was out of town while the apartment was on the market and I was very comfortable knowing that she was taking care of everything, including getting the apartment ready to be put on sale, and all showings. I was very lucky to have her as my agent. Thank you, Sue! - Gustavo I.

"Sue helped me sell my apartment in Jackson Heights, Queens.  What can I say?  She’s a dream.  Her response time is excellent.  Her knowledge of the market and pricing is incredible.  I was out of town for a large part of the time my home was on the market.  She made me feel comfortable knowing that she was in my home taking care of showings, etc.  Most importantly, she is extremely candid and communicative.  You know where you stand and know how to move forward.  Thank you, Sue!  Now, let’s find something to buy!" - Wade D.

"We found our beautiful new home thanks to the tireless and astute Sue Mathys. She listened carefully to our hopes and desires and synthesized them into an action plan, narrowing our search to exactly what we needed. She knew all of our concerns and issues, and was in our corner from the first open house to the final closing, our tenacious advocate, every step of the way. Sue is classy, gracious and whip-smart. She brings years of real estate and life experience to the table; and she has a great sense of humor — a crucial asset during a home search, a stressful, albeit exciting time. We don’t think we would have survived it with anyone other than Sue Mathys.
With gratitude, "
- Gina and Andy K.

"If you are looking for a real estate agent who loves what she does, and does it with grace and style-look no further than Sue Mathys. She will take the time to find out what you are searching for and then go out and find it! We put our total trust in her experience, her knowledge of the real estate market, and her ability to stay on top of every detail. She was there every step of the way to answer our questions, take our phone calls and guide us through the process of buying a co-op. We love our new home! Thank you Sue!" - Marc and Tisha G.

"Sue Mathys is the ultimate real estate professional - competent, responsive, and compassionate.  Sue found our dream apartment and led us through the buying process with expert advice, style, and a refreshing sense of humor. Thank you, Sue, for your stellar representation!" - Brigitt and Alberto G.K.

"Sue was a pleasure to have as our real estate agent. She never left any questions unanswered and always responded quickly and thoroughly. Sue is one of the most patient, kind and understanding real estate agents we have encountered. Thanks to her passion and diligence, we found our dream house in Brooklyn. If you’re looking for a great real estate agent, Sue is your best choice!" - Elena and Lukas S.B.

"It was my good fortune to have Sue Mathys assist in the recent purchase of my cooperative apartment. Sue on all occasions was knowledgeable, efficient and professional and I could count on her to handle all situations that arose, large and small. She followed up with parties whenever necessary and I always felt I was being updated in a timely fashion. Buying an apartment in New York City can be complicated. It takes patience, perseverance and paperwork. It was reassuring to know that every “t” was crossed and every “I” was dotted in the process. I highly recommend Sue Mathys, a genuine real estate professional." - Betsy B.

"Sue Mathys found me my dream home! I am so happy to have achieved this with her help! She listened to what exactly I told her I wanted. It took a while, because my needs were very specific; but when the right place appeared, she had not wasted my time submitting unsuitable homes, and with the data she provided it became clear that this apartment would be a rare find and great investment. She was extremely diligent during the entire Covid-lengthened purchase, always staying on top of the many deadlines throughout the entire application and board interview process. She was excellent at the handholding I occasionally needed, and always provided patient and solid support and advice. She even reminded me, after the purchase, to apply for a tax exemption I am eligible for as a senior.
Sue is a highly knowledgeable, skilled, and always professional agent. I whole-heartedly recommend working with her."
- Sigrid J.

"After selling my townhouse home of 50 years in the East Village, I needed a new place to live and asked Sue to find one for me. She listened, focused on my needs, and found me the perfect place just a few blocks away from my old home. She was able to negotiate a better rent on my behalf, and facilitated the whole complicated transaction with meticulous attention to detail. I had no idea how difficult renting in New York City is! Her diligence, dedication and cheerful presence have been invaluable to me - the way she went above and beyond meant a lot to me. Sue has expert market knowledge, formidable competence and is a joy to work with. An effective and caring advocate and consultant, she has made this challenging transition as smooth and easy as possible." - Linda G

"Sue Mathys always kept track of the big picture, and with her common sense, intelligence and good judgment proved to be a powerful advocate and companion to me. She committed to my interests and needs with boundless passion and professionality. During our collaboration, I experienced Sue as a very kind person; supportive, extremely reliable, and emphatic. She made every possible effort to fulfill my vision, applying incredible attention to detail. Her vigilant and mindful style of communication, her ability to focus and prioritize with diplomacy and ease, have always made me feel secure. It was easy for me to trust she’ll take care of all aspects and, in correspondence, I appreciated Sue’s thoroughness and diligence. I have felt safe throughout the entire transaction, always feeling free to decide what my best choices are. Her natural and generous dedication to serving her principal is a core value and the reason you will feel taken care of and respected both as a business client and as a human being. I’m happy to recommend working with Sue Mathys, wholeheartedly!" - Christina J.

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